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Founded in 1997, CyberPower Systems (USA), Inc., designs, manufactures and markets a feature-rich line of affordable high-quality Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. CyberPower is a true manufacturer with several manufacturing facilities. CyberPower employs a fully-staffed R&D department, over 90 engineers, and has a solid ISO 9001 certified supply chain. Based on its proven ability to provide high-quality, reliable products CyberPower offers an industry-leading 3-year warranty on UPS  products, rather than the industry standard 2-year warranty. CyberPower also offers lifetime warranties on its surge products and some of the highest Connected Equipment Guarantee warranties in the industry.

As CyberPower has continued to expand worldwide beyond its United States office, the distribution of CyberPower products has grown significantly. Today, CyberPower Systems is the #2 UPS and Surge product manufacturer by both units-sold and dollar-share in the retail channel. CyberPower offers a complete line of emergency battery backup systems for computer systems, electronics and telecommunication equipment.


CyberPower produces the most popular and affordable line of dependable, high-quality UPS systems on the market today. Its feature-rich, intelligent products continue to set the standard for power protection design and innovation in the UPS market. CyberPower is dedicated to continuously making feature improvements to its UPS systems in order to bring maximum value to its customer.

CyberPower continues to expand its line of products. While maintaining a dominant position with lower price-point UPS units for the general consumer, CyberPower has increasingly offered high-end UPS units for those applications needing automatic voltage regulation (AVR), or pure sine wave output. The high-end UPS lines align with its retail line of products. In fact, the high-end UPS lines offer an opportunity for CyberPower resellers to offer a complete power protection solution to both their small-to-medium business (SMB) and Corporate sectors.

The high-end UPS line of products is conveniently divided into four key categories.

Those four categories include: the Smart Application Series, with Smart App Online, Smart App Sinewave, Smart App Intelligent LCD, and Smart App AVR lines; the Intelligent LCD Series; the AVR Series, and the Standby Series. The units in these series are produced in tower and rackmount form factors (including a convertible tower/rackmount design) in both 1U and 2U sizes.

Based on CyberPower's proven reputation and commitment to excellence, customers can be assured that CyberPower will remain a world-leader in power protection product reliability, quality, and value.

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