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PowerPanel® provides for shutdown control and monitoring of your UPS, in order to save your files and ensure an orderly shutdown in the event of a power outage.  It includes event scheduling, logging, notification control, system shutdown.

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PowerPanel® software provides for the control and monitoring of your UPS, in order to fully protect your computer system, components, peripherals, and data. In the event of a power loss, PowerPanel automatically saves your files and safely shuts down your computer in an intelligent and orderly matter.

The screen shots below demonstrate the functionality and power of PowerPanel software. They also provide a first-hand look at the various options and configurable settings. The PowerPanel interface design is easy to navigate and has the power and flexibility that administrators demand.

PowerPanel® software is included Free with our UPS systems and compatible with Windows XP and 2000.

Main Window

The main control panel window gives an overview of the UPS vitals and scheduled events. It displays input mode (battery or AC), battery capacity, events, and the system shutdown timer.

Log File - Events

The Events log file keeps a historical record of critical UPS events. These events include: lost communication, established communication, UPS start/stop, UPS test status, battery failure, overload, and on/off battery mode.

Log File - Closed Application

The Closed Application log file tracks when the UPS reaches a critical threshold and safety shutsdown applications on your system. Administrators can then open the log file and determine which files require a restore.

Schedule - Weekly

The UPS can be set to automatically schedule shutdowns/reboots at predetermined intervals. The Weekly Schedule menu allows administrators to schedule these maintenance times when it's most convenient to the user(s).

Schedule - Special

Scheduled shutdowns/reboots can also be scheduled on predetermined date/times. This is useful when maintenance is performed on special dates or holidays.

Setup Window - Main

The Setup window allows users to configure sound notifications, UPS shutdown, alarm settings, and connectivity settings.

Setup - Advanced

PowerPanel also allows users to set advanced features such as communication port setttings, UPS delays, and alarm settings.

About Window

The About window displays the UPS model and version numbers, along with contact information for CyberPower.