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Surge Protector FAQs

Should the surge light (Red) be illuminated?
Yes, this indicates that the surge suppressor is functioning properly. If the light is not illuminated, it indicates that the surge protector has received a catastrophic surge and will need to be replaced [free-of-charge by CyberPower].

Should the ground light (Green) be illuminated (Models 750, 850, 880, 886, 890, 895)?
Yes, the ground indicator light should be illuminated. If the light is not illuminated, there is an issue with AC outlet that the unit is plugged into and will need to be resolved prior to using the CyberPower surge suppressor. Common issues are: bad ground, missed ground, or reversed wiring (usually due to sub-standard wiring -- typical in residential housing built prior to 1980). If this is the case, please disconnect the surge suppressor until the issue is resolved. You may need to contact a qualified Electrician and have them repair/upgrade your outlet. Note: using the unit in this manner will void the warranty.

What types of electronics are intended to be plugged into the "Transformer" outlets?
The transformer outlets are simply spaced further apart than the other outlets to accommodate for transformer block adapters, or any other adapters that are large in size. These outlets can be used to connect any appropriate device to the surge suppressor.

How do I correctly use the IN and OUT jacks for the RJ11/45 phone/network ports
Connect the cord from your wall to the IN jack. This may also be delineated by a picture of a phone on some surge suppressors. Connect your computer or peripheral to the OUT jack. This may be delineated by a picture of a computer on some surge suppressors.


If you have more questions please contact Technical Support .