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General UPS FAQs

Do I need to install PowerPanel software for my UPS to work properly?
Installing PowerPanel software will give you additional features, control, and the ability to automatically shutdown your computer in event of a power outage.  That being said, the unit will provide surge suppression and battery backup without using the software.

Can I use a different software package to manage my UPS?
CyberPower UPS systems will not work with other UPS manufacturer’s software (APC – Powerchute, Tripplite – PowerAlert, etc), but many models do support OS supplied management (e.g. Vista, XP, OS X).

How do I connect my CPS425SL if my PC does not have a serial port?
CyberPower makes a serial-to-usb cable that allows users to connect their UPS to a USB port on a PC.  Please contact Technical Support to obtain this cable.

What operating systems support USB connectivity with CyberPower UPS units?
The USB port can  be used with Windows, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7, and Server 2008.

Why does my unit beep twice when I turn it on?
This is normal operation of the UPS; all CyberPower units perform a self test routine when they are turned on.

Where is the serial number located on the unit?
The serial number is located on a white label which is adhered to the bottom of the unit.  The serial number is directly underneath the barcode.

What is the difference between the Battery/Surge outlets and the Surge outlets?
Many CyberPower UPS units have two sets of outlets.  One set is labeled "Battery/Surge" and one set is labeled "Surge".  The outlets labeled "Battery/Surge" are the outlets that will receive battery power during a power failure.  You should plug your computer and monitor into these outlets and any externally powered critical data storage device.  
Items such as printers, speakers, scanners, and faxes should be plugged into the outlets labeled "Surge."  These outlets are intended for low priority electronics that are not essential to the PC’s main operation.

What types of equipment are NOT allowed to be plugged into the UPS?
Any device which exceeds the unit’s VA/Watt rating should not be plugged into the outlets.  High drain devices, medical equipment, and aquatic equipment also void the unit’s warranty.  Below is a list of other devices that also void the warranty.

  • Laser printers
  • Space heaters
  • Copiers
  • Paper shredders
  • Vacuums
  • Curling Irons

Can I increase the runtime by hooking up multiple UPS units in a row?
No.  This configuration is called “daisy-chaining” and will void the UPS’s warranty.

Can I hookup a surge strip to the UPS unit?
Surge strips cannot be installed before OR after the UPS unit.  Doing so will void the UPS’s warranty.  If you require additional units, please upgrade your UPS to a unit that has more outlets.

I am not getting any power from the Battery/Surge outlets, only the Surge outlets?
Most of the time this is due to a malfunctioning/dead battery.  Feel free to contact technical support and they will properly diagnose the problem for you.

Why is the wiring fault light illuminated on my UPS unit?
The wiring fault light indicates that the outlet that the unit is connected to is either not properly grounded, or has reversed wiring.  First, try connecting the unit to another outlet.  If the unit still displays the electrical wiring fault, contact tech support for troubleshooting.  If the unit does not display the wiring fault light in the new outlet you will need to have an electrician correct the problem with the faulty outlet.

Why can I not get a dial tone through the communication protection ports of my CyberPower UPS?
First, check to see that the phone cord is securely connected to the UPS and the computer.  Next, check to see if you can get a dial tone when you bypass the unit.  If you are able to get a dial tone when bypassing the unit, please contact tech support.  If you are unable to get a dial tone when bypassing the communication protection ports, please contact your phone company.

My unit emits a long solid beep. What should I do?
A long, solid tone indicates that you have overloaded your unit.  First, move any low priority electronics (speakers, printers, scanners, etc) to the Surge-Only outlets and see if that resolves the issue.  If you are still overloading the unit, you will either need to remove some of the electronics from the Battery/Surge outlets, or purchase a new unit with a VA/Watt rating suitable for your current demands.

For my Online UPS system, what does it mean when the Site Wiring Fault LED is flashing, on, or off?
The Site Wiring Fault LED will indicate three statuses:

  • Led On: The site wiring fault function is enabled and a site wiring fault is present.
  • Led Off: The site wiring fault function is disabled.
  • Led Flash: The Site wiring fault function is enabled and there is no site wiring fault.

When the input power is normal the Site wiring fault LED will flash.

  • To disable this function, press the Site wiring fault LED button for 10 sec when the UPS is plugged in to wall power and the UPS is off.
  • To enable this function, press the Site wiring fault LED button for 10 sec when the UPS is plugged in to wall power and the UPS is off.

My LCD screen shuts off after 15-30 seconds of inactivity. Is there a way to keep the LCD screen illuminated at all times?
The LCD display will only light up when the Display button is pressed. This extends the life of the LCD screen and is part of the energy saver features of our UPS systems.

How do I run a self test?
You can run a self test by clicking on the “Initiate Self Test” after opening the Power Panel software. Another way to perform a self test is by turning off the circuit breaker for the circuit the UPS is plugged into.

Can I use my UPS in conjunction with a generator?
CyberPower Smart App Online Series UPS systems include a Generator Mode setting specifically designed to work with generators. With varying loads, the frequency output from generators can be erratic. This erratic output can make it difficult for a UPS without a Generator Mode setting to recognize the input power, causing the UPS to function on battery power only. With Generator Mode, the UPS can automatically adjust to frequency fluctuations and maintain a full charge of the batteries.

My unit is beeping twice every 15-45 seconds. What is happening?
This usually indicates that the unit is running on battery power. First, ensure that the unit is plugged in correctly into the wall outlet. Second, check to see if the wall outlet is functioning properly by unplugging the CyberPower unit and plugging in a different device. If the other device is not working, there is a problem with the outlet and you should contact an electrician for repair. If the other device is working properly, try the CyberPower unit in a different outlet in the house and see if it yields the same results. If the unit is still producing the dual beeping noise, please contact Technical Support.

Should the cooling fan on my CyberPower UPS be running at all times?
The internal cooling fan will only run when it’s required. CyberPower UPS systems utilize an internal thermometer which activates the fan when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. When the UPS is running idle (not on battery power), it is completely normal for the fan to not be running.

Do I have to have the UPS turned on in order for it to charge?
The UPS will charge the battery whether the unit is turned on or turned off.

Are the rackmount ears strong enough to hold up my rackmounted UPS? Shouldn’t it have rear supports as well?
The front-mount rackmount ears are specifically designed and tested to hold up their own weight in both a 2 post and 4 post rack enclosure. Rear supports are not needed, but users can install them if they wish.

How do I dispose of my UPS?
CyberPower Systems encourages environmentally sound methods for disposal and recycling of its UPS products. Please dispose and/or recycle your UPS and batteries in accordance to the local regulations of your state.

Are there Microsoft Visio stencils available for download?
Yes, the following files are available for download: