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Power Control Guarantee

Many CyberPower Systems products come with a Power Control Guarantee (CyberPower System’s connected equipment guarantee). If you purchased a product covered by a Power Control Guarantee, the Power Control Guarantee is in the owner’s manual that came with your product.

To review the Power Control Guarantee that you may have received when you purchased your CyberPower Systems device, you can obtain a copy from our website. The Power Control Guarantee that came with the product when you purchased it controls whether or not you are entitled to coverage. The following should assist you in determining if any damage suffered by equipment connected to a CyberPower Systems device is covered.

To determine if you are qualified, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you purchase a CyberPower Systems device covered by a Power Control Guarantee (we refer to the CyberPower Systems device as the “CPS Product”)?
  • Were you the initial purchaser of the CPS Product and the owner of the CPS Product at the time of the failure?
  • Did you register the CPS Product or do you have other proof of purchase such as a copy of the receipt?
  • Did you have equipment directly plugged into a CPS Product when a Power Disturbance passed through the CPS Product?
  • Did the Power Disturbance exhaust the protection capacity of the CPS Product or damage the CPS Product?
  • Had the CPS Product been altered?
  • Was the Connected Equipment damaged due to a failure of the CPS Product?
  • Was the Connected Equipment properly connected to the CPS Product and were the CPS Product and the Connected Equipment connected to properly wired and grounded outlets (including compliance with electrical and safety codes of the most current electrical code ANS/NFPA 70)?
  • Did you provided a suitable and proper environment for use and installation of the CPS Product and Connected Equipment?
  • Did you properly install and operate the CPS Product and Connected equipment in accordance with their owner’s manuals?
  • Did you operate the CPS Product at all times within the limitations on the CPS Product’s VA capacity as stated in this User Manual?

There are exclusions to the Power Control Guarantee. Some of these are:

  1. The Power Control Guarantee is not "first dollar" coverage. CyberPower System’s obligation is reduced by any amount you are entitled to recover from other sources including insurance, other warranty coverage, or extended warranty coverage even if you do not make a claim for recovery from that other source.
  2. The Power Control Guarantee does not cover damage to Connected Equipment or apply if the CPS Product has been operated in a failure mode or not in compliance with CyberPower operating instructions and manuals, or if the Connected Equipment has been operated in a failure mode or not in compliance with the instructions and manuals of its manufacturer/vendor.
  3. Damage to data, records, or software is not covered.
  4. Damage from causes other than AC Power Line Transients, spikes, or surges on properly installed, grounded and code-compliant 120 volt power lines in the United States and Canada; transients, surges or spikes on standard telephone land lines, ethernet network lines, or coaxial cable lines when properly installed and connected.
  5. Damages from fire, flood, wind, rain, rising water, leakage or breakage of plumbing, abuse, misuse or alteration of either the product or the Connected Equipment.
  6. Liability for personal injury or consequential damages. It does not cover loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information, or data. This exclusion applies even though damage or loss is caused by negligence or other fault. NOTE: Some States or Provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.


Making a Power Control Guarantee Claim

To make a Warranty claim for damage to Connected Equipment under the Power Control Guarantee, you must do the following:

  1. Complete and return the CyberPower Warranty card or provide reasonable proof of purchase, for example, a sales receipt that establishes you as the original end-user of the Product.
  2. Call CyberPower at (952) 403-9500 or (877) 297-6937 (toll free), write to CyberPower at 4241 12th Ave East, Suite 400, Shakopee, MN 55379, or submit an online claim notification below within ten (10) days of the date of the event for which you wish to make a claim for warranty service.
  3. When you contact CyberPower, identify the Product, the Purchase Date, and the item(s) of Connected Equipment. Have information on all applicable insurance or other resources of recovery/payment that are available to the Initial Customer and the name of the power utility supplier for the location of the Connected Equipment and Request a Claim Number.
  4. Pack and ship the CPS Product to CyberPower and, if requested, the item(s) of Connected Equipment, a repair cost estimate for the damage to the Connected Equipment, and all claim forms that CyberPower provides to you. Show the Claim number on the shipping label or include it with the CPS Product. Initial Customer shall prepay all shipping costs, must pay the cost of the repair estimate and is responsible for packaging and shipment.


 If you do not have damaged connected equipment and only need support for your CyberPower product please submit an Online Support form request otherwise continue below to begin a claim.

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