Press Release – CyberPower Releases New 1U Smart-App Rackmount UPS Systems

March 5, 2008 by CyberPower

Today CyberPower announced the immediate availability of the OR1000LCDRM1U, and OR1500LCDRM1U, enabling companies to deploy Smart App Intelligent LCD Series UPS units in both 1000VA and 1500VA one-unit rackmount form factors.

“We’ve been fielding requests for Smart App Intelligent LCD Series at 1000VA and 1500VA at a 1U rackmount configuration because the 1U size allows IT administrators to more effectively manage their rackmount space,” said Director of Channel Development, Pete Miesen.

The need for 1U rackmount units with a combination of full Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), diagnostic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and Smart App management software has spurred a continued expansion of the Smart App Intelligent LCD Series.

IT administrators continue to expect more UPS choices with a richer feature sets, including: local/remote management software, AVR, dynamic LCD diagnostics, 1U Configuration, an SNMP/HTTP card option for remote management, 15-amp, telephone and cable protection (RJ11/45), USB/Serial, and an energy-saving technology, like the patented CyberPower GreenPower™.

Fast Response, Effective Rackmount Space Management

Outside of CyberPower, the competitive offerings for full feature 1U rackmount UPS units at 1000VA and 1500VA are almost non-existent. CyberPower has been able to develop product because it owns engineering and manufacturing facilities that can quickly respond to market demands, such as a need for 1U high-feature UPS units.

“We’ve seen an increasing need for 1U 1000VA and 1500VA UPS units that have the full feature set of LCD, AVR, and Smart App software,” said VP of Worldwide Sales, Dan Ayala. The features also include having a single-mold primary shell, which prevents warping rather than multiple pieces fitted together. Additionally, end users prefer dynamic LCD units that display the full status of the UPS and LCD lighting that has a shut-off option.

“The deployment of units in the Smart App Intelligent LCD Series has surpassed expectations,” said Mr. Ayala. “They are especially well received by IT administrators in the network-grade server market who continue to look for new choices in managing their rackmount space and power protection needs.”