Intelligent PDU Firmware 1.1.1 Released

September 10, 2019 by CyberPower

CyberPower has released an update to our Intelligent PDUs Firmware. Please read on for feature improvement details and a quick link to download the v1.1.1 update.</p?


Applicable Products:


Version 1.1.1 (Release Date: Jun. 25, 2019)

New Features

  • Add SNMP OID as follows:
    • envirTemperatureCelsius
    • envirTempCelsiusHighThreshold
    • envirTempCelsiusLowThreshold
    • envirTempCelsiusRateOfChange
    • envirTempCelsiusHysteresis

Features Improved

  • Support Outlet User feature and Outlet Name setting among Monitored PDU Series.
  • Expand account/password up to 63 characters for the Administrator on the Local Account and the SMTP Server.
  • Display passwords with five asterisks “*****” instead of originally blank once the password field of SMTP server, SNMPv3 authentication and privacy is set.
  • Support load threshold hysteresis.
  • Add temperature or humidity value in selected Environment Sensor events.
  • Add Firmware update events in the list of System Information.

Issues Fixed

  • PDU would crash after the software “NESSUS” detects and scans the PDU.
  • Using Windows NPS RADIUS Server could not login with Administrator.
  • Setting the Schedule Once on the Web Interface, the same action might unexpectedly do again after 11 days.
  • The E-mail Recipients webpage would not display correctly once the test message is sent to more than one email recipient and DNS server is not functional.
  • Setting Gmail authentication on SMTP server would not succeed due to the change of verification method in Google mail Server.
  • Webpage is no longer accessible through HTTPS once the handshake between PDU and LDAPS server fails.
  • Error message “Key Exchange Fail” appears on the console when users attempt to log in through SSH by PUTTY.
  • SMS service is not functional in specific servers with severe standard.
  • Special characters are not allowed when setting account/password through console service.
  • Using TLS/SSL to verify user’s identity on the SMTP server would get authentication failure when the character length of account is shorter than the character length of password.
  • Logging in with wrong level of access if the description attribute of the account is not set in LDAP Server.
  • Setting outlet load threshold cannot work through console service.
  • Outlet load threshold events are not triggered among Metered-by-Outlet PDU Series.



  • Updating the firmware may cause the of loss all the notifications/shutdown/sensitivity settings.
  • Save your settings by exporting your configuration.


Questions? Contact Tech Support Monday through Friday from 7am– 6pm CST.

Download link and release notes are available here:

Intelligent PDU Firmware detail page: