• Smart App Online

    Ideal for high-end data center systems, which encompass servers, network equipment, and other sensitive electronic devices, CyberPower's Smart App Online 3-Phase Modular UPS Systems provide reliable, high quality uninterruptible AC power achieved through double conversion. Features include Double Conversion Topology, Sine Wave Output, Full Matrix LCD Touch Screen, Hot-Swappable Batteries, Smart Battery Management, and PowerPanel® Business Software.

  • Battery Cabinets

    CyberPower 3-Phase Modular UPS Battery Cabinets are designed to accommodate several battery modules and can be configured into tower, side-by-side formations, or easily mounted in a rack.

  • Battery Modules

    CyberPower 3-Phase Modular UPS Battery Modules contain ten 12VDC batteries. Two of these 120VDC modules fill one shelf of a battery cabinet equaling one full 240VDC battery string.

  • Power Modules

    CyberPower 3-Phase Modular UPS Power Modules feature a high-density, scalable design providing 10kVA/10kW power in 2U height, saving space, and allowing for capacity expansion when needed. Able to absorb brief overcurrents, these power modules feature indicator lights for easy status recognition.

  • Hardware

    CyberPower 3-Phase Modular UPS Hardware replacement parts and accessories include circuit breakers, fans, and parallel cables.