• PowerPanel Business

    The PowerPanel® Business Edition software from CyberPower provides IT professionals with the tools they need to easily monitor and manage their backup power. Available for compatible CyberPower UPS models, this software supports up to 250 clients, allowing users remote access (from any network PC with a web browser) to instantly access vital UPS battery conditions, load levels, and runtime information. Functionality includes application/OS shutdown, event logging, hibernation mode, internal reports and analysis, remote management, and more. This software is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Virtual Machines operating systems.

  • PowerPanel Personal

    PowerPanel® Personal Edition and PowerPanel® software features a user-friendly interface for controlling and monitoring any CyberPower UPS system with a USB or serial port. It provides configurable settings for managing automatic shutdowns during power events, scheduled shutdowns and restarts; it displays information such as input voltage, runtime, battery charge and current status; and it offers self-testing features, adjustable alarm settings, and more.

  • Kiosk Commander

    Kiosk Commander Software from CyberPower keeps kiosks and other unattended systems operating by power cycling (restarting) the attached computer when it locks up or performs poorly. This software application is ideal for computers that run kiosks, security systems, ATMs, video lottery machines, and other remote systems. It maintains efficient operation—which is important to profitability and safety—and reduces the need for assistance from technical support representatives.

  • Utilities

    Get detailed information about each of your network connections, including the hardware address of the interface, the IP addresses assigned to it; plus update firmware across multiple products at once.

  • Firmware

    Firmware updates are used to support new products, fix bugs and errors, and add new features.

  • MIB Files

    MIB files contain select updates for managing SNMP devices.