Tier 2 Advanced Power Strip (APS)

Reduces energy consumption by using an infrared (IR) smart sensor to shut down all home theater devices when the television remote has not been used for one or two hours. These power strips also include surge protection to prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment by diverting excess voltage away from the television and connected devices during a power surge.

Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip (APS)

Saves energy by reducing the amount of standby energy used by desktop computers, home theater AV equipment and plasma or console style television sets. These power strips have three types of outlets: master, always-on, and energy-saving. These power strips also include surge protection to divert excess voltage away from electronic equipment during a power surge to prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

Advanced Power Strip (APS)

An advanced power strip or APS stops electronic devices from drawing power when not in use or in standby mode. Computers operate in a standby modes when idle which make them convenient to power up quickly but then use significant amounts of energy when no one is actually using them. A television is in standby mode when it is plugged in and powered off making the available for the remote control to turn them on.


Refers to an abnormal flow of current that is due to an improperly grounded electrical outlet.


The creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device, or network resource. Operating systems virtualization is the use of software to allow a piece of hardware to run multiple operating system images at the same time.

Volt/Voltage (V)

The difference in electric potential between two points when one amp of current dissipates one watt of power.

Voltage Regulator

A device or component that normalizes voltage to a certain standard when it is fluctuating.

Voltage Sensitivity

Allows users to select a model’s sensitivity mode according to the power quality and the equipment.

Wall Tap Plug

Enables the unit to plug into a wall outlet without a power cord. Styles and features vary for wall tap plugs.

Watts (W)

A watt is a unit of measure for true power consumption. One watt is one ampere of electrical current flowing at one volt.


A graphical representation of a signal in the form of a wave that displays how alternating current (AC) varies over time. Common waveform representations include sine wave, square wave, and trapezoidal wave. An electronic instrument called an oscilloscope is used to measure a waveform on a display screen.