The flow of electric charge measured in amps.

Cord Retention Tray

Secures power cords, keeping them organized and accessible. Helps cords stay plugged in.

Converter Mode

Provides the flexibility to set the output frequency, regardless of the input frequency, to match connected equipment by selecting 50Hz or 60Hz output on the LCD control panel.

Connected Equipment Guarantee

CyberPower will repair or replace properly connected equipment, under certain terms and conditions, if it is damaged by a power surge.

Configurable Mounting Brackets

Allow for installation of a PDU in the following configurations: 0U (vertical, under counter, and wall mount), 1U (horizontal, vertical, under counter, and wall mount), and 2U (horizontal and wall mount).

Communication Interface

Alarm Telemetry to an optical network terminal or a connected device. Contact closure alarm with NC normal state.

CyberPower Management Console

A hardware interface built into Monitored and Switched PDUs. Its functionality includes the ability to switch PDU outlets on and off, reboot connected equipment locally or remotely, schedule power cycling of attached equipment, and perform other tasks, such as load monitoring and event logging.

Coaxial Cables

Cables that are made of an inner conductor surrounded by an insulator and a shield. Generally used for TV antennas, satellite dishes, cable modems, and certain computer networking applications.

Cisco Compatible

Means that a product meets the standards set by Cisco, a global leader in IT.