Allows the UPS to be shut off in the event of an emergency if the EPO port is connected to an EPO switch.

Maintains clean power for connected equipment by filtering out electromagnetic and radio frequency interference to improve picture and sound quality.

Automatically shut off power to attached devices, saving energy, when the master outlet is triggered.

Displays UPS statuses and customizable operating settings from up to ten feet away (with optional cable). The extendable LCD control panel can be configured in English, Spanish, or French for ease of use.

Is an energy-efficient, user selectable feature for some surge-protected outlets. When the computer is off or is in sleep mode, the UPS automatically cuts power to computer peripherals connected to any outlets in ECO mode.

The ratio between the amount of apparent power and the amount of true power used by an electrical device. The closer the true power value is to the apparent power, the more efficient the device.

Commonly referred to as line noise, these interference signals can disrupt or degrade the performance of a circuit by inserting abnormalities into the system. Also referred to as radio frequency interference (RFI) when in high or radio frequency.

Allows starting of the battery backup unit with AC Mains still failed, but with a fresh or replacement battery installed.