Intuitive Power Management Software

PowerPanel® 4 software makes it easy to monitor and manage CyberPower UPS systems and network-connected PDUs anytime from anywhere.

  • User-Friendly Interface Color-coded for instant confirmation of power status and alerts
  • Powerful Software Features Includes physical and virtual infrastructure support
  • Power Management Options Manage power using Local, Remote or Management software.


Easy to manage at anytime from anywhere.

PowerPanel® Business 4 software features:

  • UPS Status Panel – Stays in view during operation
  • Dashboard – Immediate view of status alerts and troubleshooting
  • UPS Configuration – Easy-to-use controls make setup simple
  • Auto Shutdown – Protects servers and workstations from data loss
  • Alert Notifications – Sends alerts via email, SMS text, and instant messaging
  • Remote Access – Allows remote management of UPS from a web browser
  • Remote Scheduling – Administrators can plan remote management of tasks
Color panel UPS product

Local Module

Control the UPS system locally by computer connected through USB or serial cable. Manage, monitor, and set auto shutdowns in case of longer outages.

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"Certainly a better-looking product this time around. The previous version lacked contrast and color."
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Remote Module

Remotely manage network-connected equipment and automate shutdowns via RMCARD installed in the UPS system; oversee up to 50 clients on a network.

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"It looks super clean. This is what I wish other vendors would do with their stuff."
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Management Module

Enables monitoring and management of the host computer running Local or Remote modules and an unlimited number of network connected devices.

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"I like that a good chunk of it is gray instead of white. Goes a long way when you stare at a screen all day."
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PowerPanel® Business 4 supports multiple OS systems including Windows, VMware and Linux. Virtual infrastructure support for VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix. The application is “future flexible” so It will easily adapt to future upgrades.


Details about the new PowerPanel Business 4 are available in a print-friendly format.