• Rack Enclosures

    CyberPower Carbon™ Rack Enclosures support and protect IT equipment. With options for cooling, power distribution, security, shelving, and cable management, each Carbon Rack Enclosure provides a solid foundation for applications from high density computing to networking.

  • Open Frame Racks

    CyberPower Carbon™ Open Frame Racks offer simple installation and easy access for IT rack equipment. Open frame racks provide unobstructed airflow and feature keyholes in all posts to vertically install PDUs or cable managers with toolless button mounting hardware.

  • Wall Mount Enclosures

    CyberPower Carbon™ Wall Mount Enclosures allow IT equipment to be installed without using floor space. They have swing out rear access or direct wall mounting designs, top and bottom cable access openings, lockable doors, and side panels to secure installed equipment.

  • Rack Accessories

    CyberPower Carbon™ Rack Accessories include equipment and environmental management hardware such as fans, air flow management, cable management, security, and shelves.