Monitor Your Power Protection for Peak Performance

5 min read

Prevent downtime by monitoring power all the time To ensure consistent power protection from your UPS system, you need to monitor your power regularly. As your UPS system protects your valuable equipment, you need to ensure its operating optimally. Why is it so important? The benefits of power monitoring: Prevents power loss that can cause Read More ›

What your beeping UPS is telling you

4 min read

Help! My UPS system is beeping. What should I do? Don’t ignore it. It could be your UPS battery, or it could be a power overload. Your UPS system is designed to alert you to different power status conditions. We’ll explain what each audible alert means and what to do. There are three primary reasons Read More ›

Three Ways to Maximize UPS System Performance

5 min read

So, you bought a UPS system to make sure your productivity is not interrupted by a power failure. Smart move. Now you need to make sure your UPS system is working as it should. Read on to learn three ways to maximize the performance of your UPS system. Be sure to register your UPS with Read More ›

Joules: The key to surge protection

5 min read

Every home and business experiences power surges and spikes. The U.S. is hit by over 20 million lighting strikes every year, but lightning isn’t the greatest threat. Most power surges are generated from power utility spikes and large electronics cycling on and off. In fact, these sudden power surges may occur a dozen times a Read More ›

Runtime Recommendations

4 min read

You rely on your UPS system for backup if your power goes out, right? But does your UPS have your back? That is, will it provide a bridge of power long enough for what you need? At the very least you will want to save your data and perform a safe shutdown. Your UPS backup Read More ›

Single-Phase vs 3-Phase Power Protection: What You Need to Know

4 min read

Single-Phase vs 3-Phase Power Protection: What You Need to Know Power is power, right? Well not exactly. It’s true that most of the electrical power we use is alternating current (AC) power generated by utility companies. In fact, AC power is used to deliver the vast majority of the power to our homes and businesses. Read More ›

A Winning Startup Strategy: Power Protection for PC Gamers

6 min read

A Winning Backup Strategy: Power Protection for PC Gamers As a PC gamer, you’re only as good as your gaming rig. You’ve spent years perfecting your optimal builds – a setup with all the bells and whistles, multiple monitors, backlit keyboard, and top-of-the-line headset -¬ all to maximize your game. Imagine you’re in the heat Read More ›

How a UPS System Works with a Backup Generator

4 min read

As weather extremes and storms increase, power outages are likely to continue to rise. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. customers experienced an average of nearly six hours of power interruptions in 2018. If you have invested in a generator, you’ve prepared for when a storm hits, right? Almost. Even with a generator, Read More ›

Making Sure Your Battery Backup Has Your Back

4 min read

Making Sure Your Battery Backup Has Your Back UPS Battery Maintenance Tips You are ready for a power outage. You have the right UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system to provide a bridge of backup power for your equipment if the power goes out. The UPS system will guard against surges, keep you running during shorter Read More ›

Why do you need a Networked UPS System for your Business?

4 min read

Why do you need a Networked UPS System for your Business?   Extreme weather conditions are becoming more common and can cause power outages and brownouts, translating to network downtime.  Even a few minutes of downtime can be disruptive and costly. For example, the Consumer Electronics Show, commonly known as CES, is the largest tradeshow Read More ›

The ABCs of USB

10 min read

The ABCs of USB The Emergence of USB-C Surge Protectors and Power Strips   The USB is perhaps the most popular and recognizable cable connector we use. How popular? There are over six billion USB devices in the world today. While a USB connection is commonplace nowadays, it wasn’t long ago that simply connecting your Read More ›

The Do’s and Don’ts of Surge Protection

3 min read

A surge protector is both an insurance policy and an investment in protecting your electronic devices against damaging power events. Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of choosing the right surge protector and knowing when to replace it. DO CHECK YOUR CONNECTIONS In addition to AC outlets, you may need USB, networking, and/or coaxial ports. Read More ›