Hot-Swappable Batteries

Eliminate power-related downtime and ensure maximum power availability. All potential UPS maintenance, including complete power module exchange, can be performed without powering down connected equipment.


A state in which a computer will save data to the hard disk and turn off the monitor and hard disk. When the computer wakes from hibernation, all open files and running programs are restored from the hard disk.

Hertz (Hz)

The unit for frequency, defined as the number of alternating cycles per second.


A sinusoidal component of an AV voltage that is multiple of the fundamental waveform frequency. Certain harmonic patterns may cause equipment problems.

Harmonic Distortion

Regularly appearing distortion of the sine wave whose frequency is a multiple of the fundamental frequency. Converts the normal sine wave into a complex waveform.


High amperage devices that require installation by a qualified electrician to be directly wired-in instead of simply being plugged in to an outlet.


The midpoint in the maximum load capacity for a UPS.