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LCD PDU Firmware v1.2.1

  • Use with: Switched Metered-by-Outlet PDUs
  • Updateable: Yes

Product Overview

The updated referenced models: PDU31XXX, PDU41XXX, PDU81XXX

Product Features

Keep your CyberPower Intelligent PDUs up-to-date with the most recent LCD firmware release.

Typical Applications
Compatible Products

LCD PDU Firmware v1.2.1

6.6 MB
150 KB

LCD PDU Firmware v1.2.1

815 KB

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 Model Description
 3-Phase PDU LCD Firmware v1.1.4
 LCD PDU Firmware v1.2.6
 PDU Firmware v2.21
 RMCARD205/305 Firmware v1.3.7
 3-Phase PDU LCD Firmware v1.1.0 3-Phase Switched Metered By Outlet PDU Firmware v1.1.0
 ATS LCD Firmware v1.50 Switched / Metered ATS LCD v1.50
 ATS Mainboard Firmware v1.07 ATS Mainboard Firmware v1.07
 LCD PDU Firmware v1.2.2 Monitored/Switched/Switched Metered By Outlet PDU Firmware v1.2.2
 LCD PDU Firmware v1.2.3 Monitored/Switched/Switched Metered By Outlet PDU Firmware v1.2.3
 PDU Firmware v2.17 Monitored/Switched Firmware v2.17 for hardware version 1.1
 RMCARD205/305 Firmware v1.3.3 RMCARD205/305 Management Card Firmware v1.3.3
 RMCARD205/305 Firmware v1.3.4 RMCARD205/305 Management Card Firmware v1.3.4
 RMCARD205/305 Firmware v1.3.5 RMCARD205/305 Management Card Firmware v1.3.5