Double your battery life with lithium technology

The Smart App Sinewave Lithium UPS series is the next generation of cloud-enabled UPS systems for corporate applications, featuring lithium battery technology, which translates to lighter weight, longer run times, and longer life of up to ten years. Integrated PowerPanel® Cloud technology makes it easy to monitor power anywhere.

The Lithium‑Iron Advantage

Lithium‑iron batteries are a common power source used in backup power. The lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) or LFP battery (lithium ferrophosphate), tends to be a power source with lower cost, lighter weight, and longer life cycle.


Innovative UPS Features

With a light weight form factor and extended battery life, the Smart App Sinewave UPS series employs cutting edge technology designed for enterprise applications.

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Longer Battery Life

Lithium batteries offer eight to ten years of battery life — more than double the life of conventional UPS batteries.

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Lighter Weight

Lithium UPS systems weigh up to 14.6% less than conventional UPS systems, making them easier to install and manage.

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Less Maintenance

Because the batteries do not have to be changed, lithium UPS systems require less effort to maintain.

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Standard 5-Year Warranty

Each CyberPower Lithium UPS System includes a standard 5-year warranty, providing peace-of-mind for five full years.


Lithium UPS Systems


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