Smart Battery Management

Smart Battery Management Smart Battery Management (SBM) improves and extends the functional life of a UPS battery and reduces excessive heat during work cycles by using a three-cycle charging process.

Short Depth Chassis

Short Depth Chassis At only 10.5″ in depth, this UPS is ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The UPS fits comfortably in racks that are 13.5″ in depth or greater, improving cable management and allowing for easier attachment of connected devices. The lightweight, plastic chassis also makes this a preferred option for Read More ›

User Interface LCD Color Touch Screen

User Interface LCD Color Touch Screen Intuitive LCD touch display control provides four main display windows; Main Menu, System Information, Power Path, and Warning Messages. The operator can control the UPS, check all measured parameters for UPS and battery status, plus monitor event and history logs.

High-Density Power Modules

High-Density Power Modules Compact 2U Design (3.3″ height) for easy installation and service. Compact footprint allows for an efficient cabinet design. Getting more power in less space will become critical as growing data centers confront physical space limitations.

Scalable / Modular Design

Scalable / Modular Design Depending on the model selected, the system can be scalable from 10-20kVA or 10-40kVA to meet current and future power needs within the same footprint. N+N parallel system power up to 80kVA capability. Highly configurable system can be adapted to different site needs. UPS and battery cabinets can be assembled as Read More ›


Redundancy Power Module (N+1) – Ensures power continuity with an additional redundant power module option configuration. If a module fails, the rest of the modules take over to guarantee power needs are met. UPS System (N+N) – Ensures uninterrupted system operation with a mirrored parallel system configuration and capability to fully take over connected power Read More ›

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection Allows for remote monitoring where wired connectivity is not feasible such as retail POS (point-of-sale) locations. Wireless connection also makes it a simple and affordable UPS remote monitoring solution for small/medium businesses and home offices.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring Monitor anytime from anywhere easily with the app downloaded on your smartphone or from the desktop application. Remotely troubleshoot power issues. Monitor real-time notifications to address power events.

Grouping (for PowerPanel Cloud Software)

Grouping (for PowerPanel Cloud Software) Groups within a company can be monitored separately allowing for monitoring by segment, client, or an individual location – a perfect solution for service providers who need to monitor multiple locations on the same platform.

Easy Setup with QR Code (RCCARD100)

Easy Setup with QR Code (RCCARD100) Setting up the RCCARD100 is as easy as taking a picture of the QR code on the back of the card. Name the UPS you are connecting and start monitoring your power. Ease of installation and setup reduces IT expenses.

Plug and Play Installation

Plug and Play Installation Installing your sump pump battery backup system from CyberPower is fast and simple! The battery backup system will work with an existing sump pump up to ½ HP in capacity, so there is no need for special tools, skills, or equipment. To install your battery backup system, complete the following steps: Read More ›

Complete Solution

Complete Solution The CyberPower sump pump battery backup system contains everything necessary to protect an existing sump pump from power events. This includes:   User-replaceable batteries that supply backup power during a utility power outage Built-in surge protection, which protects the sump pump from a damaging spike in utility power Automatic voltage regulation, which corrects Read More ›