USB-C USB-C is emerging as the industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power. Compared to USB-A, USB-C is capable of much faster charging and can deliver power at up to 100 watts at 20 volts. This means larger devices can now be charged through a USB connection, including smartphones, gaming devices, tablets, laptops and Read More ›

LCD With Color Display

LCD with Color Display Our multifunction, color LCD is simple to set up and easy to use. The design displays real-time information on the UPS battery and power conditions including operating status, load level, and battery capacity. Color icons clearly communicate UPS status: green for normal, yellow for warning, and red for fault notices. Other Read More ›

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface PowerPanel® Business 4 software offers an industry leading, color graphics interface and indicators to provide at-a-glance UPS status, network power conditions, and instant problem recognition. A quick look confirms status: green for normal, yellow for warning, and red for power failure and fault notices. Color coded alerts can provide extra confidence and assurance Read More ›

UPS Management Options

UPS Management Options Three options for UPS management: Local, Remote and Management. Local allows you to connect a computer directly to the UPS with USB or Serial cable. With Remote you can connect via your network to the RMCARD installed in the UPS and manage up to 50 clients. Management gives you the ability to Read More ›

Glow/Hue Color-Changing

Glow/Hue Color-Changing The Glow/Hue Color-changing Light can lift your spirits and brighten your day. Switch it on to set the mood or accent the décor of any room. You can choose your favorite color or set it to rotate colors. At the end of the day, you can switch it off or leave on as Read More ›

Photosensor Nightlight

Photosensor Nightlight Photosensor Nightlight automatically turns on when environment gets dark, and off when it gets illuminated. Provides safety and style in bedrooms, hallways, nurseries, and any other area it would be convenient to have a nightlight.

Lighted USB Port

Lighted USB Port Blue USB Port Area Lighting with on/off switch makes it easy to locate charging plugs for smartphones, tablets, gaming gear and other personal electronics. Plus, it can complement the look of other backlit equipment like keyboards, consoles, and display indicators.

Battery Equalization Technology

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This proverb holds true for a multi-battery string; the weakest battery reduces the performance and life of the entire battery string. Battery Equalization Technology is an advanced charging process that improves the performance and extends the life of a multi-battery string by charging each battery to a similar voltage.

Full Matrix LCD Control Panel

Our new state-of-the-art, multi-function, color matrix LCD screen is simple to set up and easy to use. The new design provides display zones for instant confirmation of UPS working status, load %, battery capacity, and status parameters. Color icons clearly communicate status: green for normal, yellow for warning, and red for fault notices.

Other added LCD control functions allow you to set up sensitivity levels, mute the alarm, monitor power vitals, and add key information such as the IP address and serial number. Plus, the control panel can pivot out 18 degrees in the rack and automatically rotates 90 degrees when placed into a tower configuration for easier viewing.

High Density

Getting more power in less space will become critical as growing data centers and IT closets confront physical space limitations. CyberPower has responded with a new UPS high density power solution that offers more power in less space. Designed for corporate server IT networks, this high-density UPS system has a smaller footprint on the rack (in terms of U rack height) and takes up significantly less space than similar competitive counterparts. Using less space gives you greater flexibility and more room to grow.

Communications Between the UPS and Maintenance Bypass PDU

Communications Between the UPS and Maintenance Bypass PDU CyberPower Maintenance Bypass PDUs with an MBP Detection Cable can communicate directly with the UPS to safely coordinate the bypass switch operation. When the PDU bypass switch operation is initiated by removing the cover, the MBP Detection Cable sends a signal to the UPS to internally transfer Read More ›

Fireproof MOVs

Fireproof MOVs It’s rare for a surge protector to experience a thermal event, but with fire-proof MOV technology, you will eliminate any worries of additional damage occurring beyond the surge protector. MOVs are the internal components that allow normal current to pass through the surge protector to your equipment, while diverting any harmful surges and Read More ›