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  • Power source: DC, USB
  • USB output: 2.1 Amp
  • Ports: 2 USB, 1 DC
  • Plug type: DC plug
  • Overload: Protected
  • LED indicator: Power
  • Warranty: 1 year

Product Overview

The CyberPower CPTDC2U1DCRC1 USB Charger plugs into your vehicle's 12V DC power outlet, providing two USB charge ports (2.1 Amp shared) and an Auto DC port to simultaneously operate multiple devices. Use the two USB ports to charge and power mobile devices, personal electronics, and other equipment—including tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, and digital cameras. Use the DC port for a device that has an Auto DC plug, such as a portable GPS unit. This compact charger ensures easy portability and convenient use while you travel. The CPTDC2U1DCRC1 also features LED indicators and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Product Features
  • USB Charge Ports
    Rapidly charge and power USB devices such as tablets (including iPad), smartphones, MP3 players, and other mobile accessories.
  • Auto DC Port
    Powers a device that has an Auto DC plug, such as a portable GPS unit.
  • Compact Design
    Ensures the charger fits neatly in a briefcase, backpack, or luggage for easy use and convenient portability.
  • LED Indicators
    Provide information about power status.
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
    Covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions within one year of the purchase date. See warranty for details.
Compatible Products
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Voltage 10.5Vdc – 15.5Vdc
Current 10A max
Plug Type 12Vdc Auto Power Port
USB Charge 5Vdc @ 2.1A (2.1A shared)
Outlet Type 12Vdc Auto (Cigarette)
DC Power Outlet 10.5Vdc – 15.5Vdc
LED Power
Dimensions (W×H×D) (in) 4.4 x 1.96 x 1.1
Weight (lbs) 0.121
USB Charging Ports
Number of USB Charging Ports 2
Environmental RoHS Compliant
Product Warranty 1 Year Limited
Feature Focus
USB Chargers

A USB (Universal Serial Bus) charger generates the 5 Volt DC power required to charge a USB device. To operate, a charger plugs into an AC outlet. A USB cable connects the charger to the USB device via a Type A socket. USB chargers vary in the amount of electrical amps they handle. USB chargers from CyberPower Systems charge iPods, PDAs, phones, cameras and other personal electronics.

Our USB chargers have various features, depending upon the model. Significant features of this product line include vehicle ports, 2.1-Amp Quick Charge Technology, energy-efficient design elements, and LED indicators. Quick Charge Technology provides fast charging power for tablets, smartphones, and similar devices. USB chargers, cables, and hubs are among the many power accessories available from CyberPower for computer and consumer electronics. Other power accessories include mobile batteries and power inverters.



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