Switched ATS PDU Series


  • Switched ATS PDU: SNMP Network Interface (user-upgradeable firmware)
  • Automated notifications: TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, SNMP Trap, HTTP
  • Phase: Single
  • Amps: 20A (Derated to 16A)
  • Volts: 100 V – 120 V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Plug type: 2x NEMA L5-20P
  • Total outlets: 10 NEMA 5-20R
  • Number of banks: 1
  • Outlet location: 0 front/10 rear
  • Size: 1U Rackmount
  • Dimensions (in.): 1.75W x 17.05H x 9.3D
  • Cord length (ft.): 10
  • Warranty: 3 year

Product Overview

The CyberPower PDU20SWT10ATNET, a 10-outlet (rear), 1U rackmount switched automatic transfer switch (ATS) power distribution unit (PDU) provides 100-120V / 20A output. It distributes unfiltered electrical pass-through to 10 NEMA 5-20R receptacles from redundant NEMA L5-20P plugs. Dual power cords can be plugged into separate power sources to provide redundancy to single-corded connected equipment. If power for the primary source exceeds the lower or upper thresholds, or if power fails, the PDU will switch to the secondary power source to ensure continuous operation. The PDU will switch back to the primary power source when incoming power becomes stable.

The PDU20SWT10ATNET includes a SNMP/HTTP card (RMCARD203). With the SNMP card and an IP address on the network interface, users have real-time monitoring and outlet control of the PDU. The switched outlet receptacles can be managed individually or collectively. The LCD panel provides local monitoring of the PDU and on/off control for the outlets. It can also be used to measure the electrical current (displayed in amperes) used by connected equipment. The LCD panel also shows input and output voltages, active power consumption levels (displayed in kilowatts), and hardware and firmware versions.

Designed for datacenters and other demanding electrical applications, the PDU20SWT10ATNEThas rugged, industrial-grade metal housing, a 10-foot AC power cord, and a cord retention tray. It can be mounted horizontally and is UL and CSA certified by ETL, and Class A FCC-certified. A three-year warranty covers the PDU and connected equipment for as long as you own the product.

Product Features
  • Power Distribution
    Delivers AC power to servers, equipment, and connected devices via a power distribution unit.
  • Outlet Switching
    Output receptacles can be turned on, turned off, or recycled on demand or at programmed times to address a number of needs, including remote rebooting of locked equipment, load shedding, power sequencing, and locking out unauthorized loads.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
    Dual power cords (A & B) provide redundant power sources to devices with single power supplies and can be plugged into separate compatible sources* to ensure continuous access. Users select the preferred source as the primary input. CyberPower Smart App Online and Sinewave series UPS are highly recommended for use as the power source.
    *Note: Only sine wave AC power sources are compatible with this ATS PDU. Simulated sine wave AC power sources are NOT compatible.
  • LCD Panel
    Provides real-time meter status for current (amperes), input and output voltages, power consumptions (kilowatts), and hardware/firmware versions.
  • Upgradeable Hardware & LCD Firmware
    Are updatable to the latest versions by using the serial communication port and included cable.
  • Serial Communication Port & Cable
    Used to update/upgrade the hardware and LCD firmware.
  • Environmental Sensor Option
    Supports optional environment sensor (ENVIROSENSOR).
  • SNMP/HTTP Card
    Included and installed, RMCARD203 provides outlet control, remote monitoring, reporting, and event notifications, via Email, SMS Text, or SNMP Trap. RMCARD203 firmware is upgradeable with FTP process.
  • Protocol Support
    This Switched ATS PDU provides protocol support for PowerPanel Business Edition, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, and SNMP including SNMPv3, and IPv4, IPv6, NTP, SMTP protocols.
  • Administrative Rights
    Administrator and user rights can be established to provide IT personnel with access to the Management Console via a web browser to monitor and/or manage the PDU settings.
  • Switchless Design
    Designed without a power switch and circuit breaker (on most models) to prevent accidental power interruptions.
  • Network-Grade Plugs and Outlets
    Highly durable construction ensures the efficient distribution of power in demanding IT or industrial environments to servers, equipment, and connected devices.
  • Rackmounting Brackets
    Allow for 1U horizontal rack installation.
  • Cord Retention Brackets
    Secures power cords, keeping them organized and accessible. Helps cords stay plugged in.
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty
    Covers the PDU for three years and connected equipment for as long as you own the product. See warranty for details.
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What's In The Box

ATS PDU, 2 Mounting Brackets, 24 M4x8 Bracket Mounting Screws, 6 M5x12 Rack Mounting Screws, 6 Washers, Cord Retention Tray, 2 M3x4 Cord Retention Tray Mounting Screws, 18 Cable Ties, RJ45/DB9 Serial Port Connection Cable, Jumper, User Manual, Registration Card, CD


This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A (BPA), which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Nominal Input Voltage 100 – 120 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum Current 20A (Derated to 16A)
On/Off Switch No
Plug Type 2 × NEMA L5-20P
Plug Style Straight, Twist Lock
Cord Length 10 ft
Nominal Output Voltage 100 – 120 VAC
Outlet Banks 1
Outlets – Total 10
Outlets – Front 0
Outlets – Rear 10
Outlet Type NEMA 5-20R
LCD Readout KW
Network Information
HW/FW Version
LED Indicators Input
Output Load
SNMP / HTTP Remote Monitoring RMCARD203 (Installed)
RMCARD205 (sold separately)
Protocols TCP/IP
Connectivity Network
Environmental Sensor
Dimensions – H×W×D (in) 1.75 × 17.05 × 9.3 inches
Rack Size 1U
Weight (lbs) 12.35 lbs
Style Rackmount
Form Factors Supported 1U rackmount
Cord Retention Tray/Cord Organizers Yes
Adjustable Mounting Brackets 1 set (L-long)
External Site Ground Pin Yes
Operating Temperature 32 – 113 °F (0 – 45°C)
Operating Humidity 0 – 95% (non-condensing)
Maximum Operating Elevation 13,100 ft (4,000 m)
Storage Temperature 5 – 113 °F (-15 – 45°C)
Maximum Storage Elevation 50,000 ft (15,000 m)
Thermal Dissipation 41 BTU/hr
Safety UL60950_1 certified by ETL
CSA C22.2
FCC Class A
Environmental RoHS Compliant
Product Warranty 3 year
Feature Focus
Understanding PDUs

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) by CyberPower are engineered to distribute reliable network power to multiple devices. A PDU does not generate conditioned power, but delivers AC power from a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), a generator, or utility power source to servers, network/telecom equipment, and other devices. Selecting the best PDU for your needs depends on the output voltage required, the number of outlets needed for connected devices, plug and outlet types, and mounting options.

Versatile. CyberPower PDUs are designed with as many as 38 outlets. Offered in 0U, 1U, and 2U form factors, each PDU includes the necessary hardware to be mounted vertically or horizontally inside densely configured rack enclosures. The PDU can also be mounted on a wall or under a shelf.

Scalable. In smaller networks, conditioned power can be distributed through a single PDU from a UPS, while a complex data center might require the connection of multiple PDUs to a large-capacity UPS system.

Different PDU Series for Different Needs

CyberPower offers multiple offerings of power distribution units (PDUs): Basic, Metered, Metered ATS, Monitored, Switched, Switched ATS and Maintenance-Bypass. Each series serves a specialized purpose. Models within the same series have similar features and capabilities.

Basic: Reliable and unfiltered AC power distribution from a UPS system, generator, and/or utility source to multiple connected devices.

Metered: Network-grade power distribution plus load meters (amps) to prevent overloads and safely optimize load levels.

Monitored: Network-grade power distribution with remote monitoring through an SNMP network interface and local management via a digital meter display to prevent downtime due to overloads or other power events.

Switched: Intelligent, network-grade power distribution and the ability to control outlets individually or collectively to solve power issues such as shutdowns or to plan scheduled rebooting. A digital meter provides information on load and voltage, as well as local control of the outlets. An SNMP connection enables remote monitoring and control of the outlets to ensure complete control regardless of location.

Switched Metered-by-Outlet: Monitor the power consumption of individual outlets in real-time over the network, or locally using the PDU’s interactive digital display. Outlets can be switched on and off remotely for unscheduled reboots, automated load shedding, controlled power-cycling and more.

Metered ATS: Redundant NEMA plugs. Dual power cords can be plugged into separate power sources. If power for the primary source exceeds the lower or upper thresholds, or if power fails, the PDU will switch to the secondary power source to ensure continuous operation.

Switched ATS: Individual management of switched outlet receptacles. Remote and local control of outlets. Redundant NEMA plugs. Dual power cords can be plugged into separate power sources. If power for the primary source exceeds the lower or upper thresholds, or if power fails, the PDU will switch to the secondary power source to ensure continuous operation.

Maintenance-Bypass: Maintenance Bypass PDUs allow the seamless transfer of an electrical load from UPS power to utility power for uninterrupted operation of connected equipment when performing maintenance, replacing batteries, or installing a new UPS.

Power Device Network Utility

The Power Device Network Utility gives users an easy-to-use interface for establishing the IP addresses of CyberPower PDU devices, RM Cards, and PowerPanel Business Edition Agents and Clients. It scans network devices with MAC addresses that match CyberPower network hardware. Once found, the device(s) can then be configured with a specific IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address, allowing the device(s) to work properly on the network and to integrate with the CyberPower Management Console.



1.14 MB


4.08 MB

Power Distribution Units

4.8 MB
56.9 MB
57.3 MB
637 KB

ATS Mainboard Firmware v1.07

60 KB
Do any of the CyberPower PDUs have an on/off switch?

No. None of the PDUs will have on/off switches on them. All CyberPower PDUs are always on by design.

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 Model VoltageCord LengthRacksizeCurrentInput PlugOutlets MSRP
 PDU44001 100 – 120 VAC10 ft (3.0 m)1U15A2 x NEMA 5-15P10 - NEMA 5-15R $801.60
 PDU30SWHVT19ATNET 200 – 240 VAC10 ft2U30 A (derated to 24 A)2 x L6-30P1 x NEMA L6-30R, 16 x IEC-320 C13, 2 x IEC-320 C19 $919.95
 PDU44002 100 – 120 VAC10 ft (3.0 m)1U20A2 x NEMA L5-20P,May be converted to non-locking NEMA 5-20P plug with included adapter10 - NEMA 5-20R $762.93
 PDU44004 200 – 240 VAC10 ft (3.0 m)1U15A2 x IEC-320 C1412 - IEC-320 C13 $882.08
 PDU20SWHVT10ATNET 200 – 240 VAC10 ft1U20 A (derated to 16 A)2 x L6-20P2 x IEC-320 C19, 8 x IEC-320 C13 $719.95
 PDU20SWHVIEC10ATNET 200 – 240 VAC10 ft1U20 A (derated to 16 A)2 x IEC-320 C202 x IEC-320 C19, 8 x IEC-320 C13 $734.95
 PDU44005 200 - 240 VAC10 ft (3.0 m)1U20A2 x IEC-320 C208 - IEC-320 C13,2 - IEC-320 C19 $945.83
 PDU44003 10 ft (3.0 m)2U30A2 x NEMA L5-30P $999.95
 PDU44006 200 - 240 VAC10 ft (3.0 m)1U20A2 x NEMA L6-20P8 - IEC-320 C13,2 - IEC-320 C19 $945.16
 PDU44007 10 ft (3.0 m)2U30A2 x NEMA L6-30P16 - IEC-320 C13,2 - IEC-320 C19,1 - NEMA L6-30R $1,186.76


PDU Product Line

PDU Product Line