PowerPanel Cloud

  • Monitors UPS vitals: electrical power supply, voltage, power condition, remaining battery runtime, UPS load, and more
  • Multi-site monitoring: online platform for monitoring devices located in multiple locations
  • Mobile Web Application: Available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • Email Notifications: Yes
  • Mobile App Notifications: Yes

Product Overview

PowerPanel® Cloud makes it easy to monitor CyberPower UPS systems anywhere there is an internet connection. Now from a smartphone or mobile device, businesses are able to simplify power monitoring options to gain efficiencies and reduce IT resources.

The dashboard provides at-a-glance UPS status, power conditions, and instant problem recognition. Cloud card installation enables simple remote monitoring from anywhere. Event logs provide key insights for trouble-shooting and prevention of potential power issues. Alert notifications are sent via email or in-app messaging.


It’s ideal for decentralized service providers, POS systems with limited network infrastructure, and small/medium businesses looking to simplify power monitoring.

Product Features
  • Easy to Setup & Connect
    Just download the app to your phone and setup an account. Install the cloud cards into compatible CyberPower UPS systems and begin monitoring anytime, anywhere after a simple setup process.
  • Two-Factor authentication
    An additional layer of security to protect against unauthorized access to your account.
  • Apple Store and Google Play Applications
    Flexible application that works on both Apple and Android based devices.
  • Web Based Application
    Access your account from a web based applicaiton to monitor you power from your workstation.
  • Alert Notifications
    Receive real-time notifications via email or app.
  • Decentralized Monitoring
    Groups within a company can be monitored separately allowing for monitoring by segment, client, or an individual location.
  • Intuitive Design
    At-a-glance color graphics and indicators provide instant UPS status, network power conditions, and problem recognition.
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USB Charge Port No
Feature Focus
Wireless Connection

Allows for remote monitoring where wired connectivity is not feasible such as retail POS (point-of-sale) locations. Wireless connection also makes it a simple and affordable UPS remote monitoring solution for small/medium businesses and home offices.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor anytime from anywhere easily with the app downloaded on your smartphone or from the desktop application. Remotely troubleshoot power issues. Monitor real-time notifications to address power events.

Grouping (for PowerPanel Cloud Software)

Groups within a company can be monitored separately allowing for monitoring by segment, client, or an individual location – a perfect solution for service providers who need to monitor multiple locations on the same platform.

Easy Setup with QR Code (RCCARD100)

Setting up the RCCARD100 is as easy as taking a picture of the QR code on the back of the card. Name the UPS you are connecting and start monitoring your power. Ease of installation and setup reduces IT expenses.


PowerPanel Cloud

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PowerPanel Cloud

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PowerPanel Software EULA

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When I attempted to setup my PowerPanel Cloud account, why did I receive an error message “Registration has failed”?

This error message can result from a connection issue or more commonly, the email address was already used to setup an account.

Can I restart a UPS system using PowerPanel Cloud?

You cannot perform a UPS system restart in PowerPanel Cloud.  The app only provides monitoring.

Can you perform a UPS system shut down with PowerPanel Cloud?

You cannot perform a UPS system shutdown with PowerPanel Cloud.  The app only provides monitoring.

Why would I setup a group in PowerPanel Cloud?

Using the “Group” function allows you to manage your UPS systems by office location, business, and geographical location.

Can you name UPS systems added to PowerPanel Cloud so they can be identified and/or show their location?

Yes, during the setup process you can provide a unique name to identify each UPS system and location.

If I want to have more than one UPS system on a PowerPanel Cloud account, what is required?

To add more than one UPS system to PowerPanel Cloud, you need to buy licenses for additional nodes.  Licenses can be purchased in app stores or from participating CyberPower resellers.

What are the licensing options for PowerPanel Cloud?

You can purchase licenses for 3 nodes, 20 nodes, 100 nodes, and 200 nodes.

Why do I get an error when I try to move a UPS system/Cloud Card from an existing PowerPanel Cloud account to a new account?

You need to delete the UPS system from the current account first.  Using your current account in the web app, go to “Device Setting” and delete the UPS system you want to move.

What does the grey “?” at the top of the mobile PowerPanel Cloud app dashboard mean?

The “?” is a symbol for a UPS system that is not connected to the app.  The UPS system may be turned off or there could be an issue with the network connection.

Can I perform a battery test using PowerPanel Cloud?

Yes.  When you are in the dashboard for the PowerPanel Cloud app, select the UPS system you want to check and click on the “3 dots” at the top right-hand portion of the screen, which takes you to “Device Settings”.  Under Device Settings, you have an option to select “Battery Test” and initiate the test.

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