PowerPanel Cloud License - 20 Nodes


$39.99 MSRP 
  • License Quantity: 20 Nodes (UPS) License
  • Length: 1 Year License
  • Groups: Up to 10 Separate Groups
  • Notifications: Up to 5 Email Addresses
  • Event Log: 50 Event Log Records
  • Event Log Duration: 30 Days
  • Status Log: 100 Status Log Records
  • Status Log Duration: 5 Hour Status Log
  • Data Frequency: 3 Minutes

Product Overview

PowerPanel Cloud software lets you monitor your connected UPS system via phone app or desktop app. PowerPanel Cloud Level 2 license (PPCLOUDL2) provides licenses for up to 20 nodes (UPS) for a term of 1 year.

Product Features
  • License Quantity
    The PPCLOUDL2 license enables up to 20 nodes (UPS) to be added to a PowerPanel Cloud account.
  • License Term
    The term for this license is 1 year.
  • Groups
    Up to 10 Groups can be setup for classifying UPS by location, business, or other criteria.
  • Email Notifications
    Up to 5 email addresses can be added to receive event notifications.
  • Event Log
    PPCLOUD1 provides up to 50 event logs for a period of 30 days.
  • Status Log
    PPCLOUD1 provides up to 100 status logs for a period of 5 hours.
  • Data Frequency
    The UPS provides data updates every 3 minutes.
  • Global Map
    Display the location of your UPS using a global map.
  • Device Map
    The Device Map allows users to add more granularity for identifying UPS location by creating a floor map to show the placement of the UPS.
  • Battery Test
    Ensure runtimes are met by using PowerPanel Cloud to perform a battery test.
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PowerPanel® Cloud Feature

PowerPanel® Cloud Feature