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  • Linkable software: Yes
  • Setup wizard: Yes
  • Auto restart of unattended systems: Yes
  • Quick installation guide: Quick Guide (PDF)
  • OS Compatabilities: Windows 32/64 bit versions
  • CD contents: Kiosk Commander Software, PowerPanel Personal Edition Software, installation guide

Product Overview

Kiosk Commander Software from CyberPower keeps kiosks and other unattended systems operating by power cycling (restarting) the attached computer when it locks up or performs poorly. This software application is ideal for computers that run kiosks, security systems, ATMs, video lottery machines, and other remote systems. It maintains efficient operation which is important to profitability and safety and reduces the need for assistance from technical support representatives.

Kiosk Commander operates with a CyberPower UPS and PowerPanel® Personal Edition software to monitor unattended systems and triggers a power cycle from the UPS when necessary to restart the attached system. Together, they provide services for unattended systems and ensure that your equipment is protected from power events, including blackouts, brownouts, surges, and other power occurrences.

Features of Kiosk Commander include unattended system monitoring, auto restart of unattended systems, a setup wizard, CPU and memory monitoring, configurable settings, and system summary information. The CD package includes Kiosk Commander Software with PowerPanel Personal Edition UPS monitoring Software and the quick installation guide.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2012 R2 64bit, Windows Server 2012 64bit, Windows Server 2008 R2 64/32bit, Windows Server 2008 64/32bit, Windows 8 64/32bit, Windows 7 64/32bit

Product Features
  • Unattended System Monitoring
    Kiosk Commander monitors unattended devices to ensure they operate continuously and don’t experience down time due to a lock-up or substandard performance.
  • Auto Restart
    If the unattended system experiences a lock-up or poor performance, Kiosk Commander will initiate a power cycle with the UPS to restart the system and ensure maximum up time.
  • Complete Power Protection
    Kiosk Commander, CyberPower UPS, and PowerPanel Personal Edition provide a complete protection plan against power events and system lock-ups.
  • Quick Start Guide
    The Quick Guide PDF offers installation instructions, tips, captioned screen captures, and information about hardware requirements and operating systems.
  • Ease of Use
    A setup wizard assists in adding desired services and applications used for monitoring system operation.
  • CPU and Memory Monitoring
    Automatic setup process helps to configure the thresholds for CPU and Memory on select services and applications.
  • Mass Deployment Configuration
    The configuration setting can be imported and exported to make mass deployments more efficient.
  • System Summary
    The easy-to-use interface provides a summary of performance.
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Kiosk Commander

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