PowerPanel® Personal Linux

  • Monitors UPS vitals: Power, battery, runtime, scheduled shutdowns, self-tests, and more
  • Compatibility: Debian 8 32/64bit, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32/64bit, Red Hat Enterprise 7 32/64bit, Fedora 32/64bit, CentOS 7 64bit, openSUSE 64bit
  • Auto shutdown: Yes
  • Downloadable: Yes

Product Overview

PowerPanel® Personal for Linux is a simple command line Linux daemon to control a UPS system attached to a Linux-based computer. It provides all the functionality of PowerPanel® software, including automatic shutdown, UPS monitoring, alert notifications, and more. PowerPanel Personal for Linux is compatible with most build of Linux.

Product Features
  • Downloadable Software
    Provides fast and simple installation. After you download PowerPanel for Linux, drag the PowerPanel icon into the Applications folder by following the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Valuable Functionality
    Controls and monitors your UPS with the command line Linux daemon.
  • Network Protocol Support
    Works with TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, and HTTP protocols.
  • Auto Shutdown
    Protects servers and workstations from data loss due to power failure. Automatically saves files and safely shuts down your computer.
  • Customizable Settings for Event Actions
    Offer versatile management of various event actions, including shutdown and restart.
  • Intuitively Displayed Information
    Displays details about Current Status, Summary, Notification, Runtime, Voltage, Self-Test, and System Tray Pop-Up Notifications.
  • Self-Testing Options
    Offer flexible deployment of tests for the UPS.
  • Event Logging
    Provides configurable settings for tracking events.
  • Security Management
    Allows administrators to tailor settings to fit their security needs.
  • Alert Notification
    Sends notifications via Email, Windows Messenger, or XMPP.
Compatible Products

PowerPanel® Personal

1.5 MB

PowerPanel Personal Linux v1.4.1

116 KB

PowerPanel Personal Linux v1.4.1

84 KB

PowerPanel Software EULA

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105 KB
89 KB
88 KB

PowerPanel Linux | 64 Bit | .rpm | v1.4.1

1.9 MB

PowerPanel Linux | 32 Bit | .rpm | v1.4.1

1.6 MB

PowerPanel Linux | 64 Bit | .deb | v1.4.1

1.4 MB

PowerPanel Linux | 32 Bit | .deb | v1.4.1

1.3 MB

PowerPanel Linux | 32 Bit | .tar.gz | v1.4.1

1.7 MB

PowerPanel Linux | 64 Bit | .tar.gz | v1.4.1

1.8 MB

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