PowerPanel® Personal Edition

  • Monitors UPS vitals: Power, battery, runtime, scheduled shutdowns, self-tests, and more
  • Compatabilities: (32 bit; 64 bit)
  • Auto shutdown: Yes
  • Downloadable: Yes

PowerPanel Personal for Windows has a new version: PowerPanel™ Personal Version 2.0. Click here to download the latest version. To learn more about the benefits of PowerPanel™ Personal Edition, click here.  The previous edition, Version 1.6.2, is still available to download by clicking the button below.


Product Overview

PowerPanel® Personal Edition for Windows software features a user-friendly interface for controlling and monitoring any CyberPower UPS system with a USB or serial port. It provides configurable settings for managing automatic shutdowns during power events, scheduled shutdowns and restarts; it displays information such as input voltage, runtime, battery charge and current status; and it offers self-testing features, adjustable alarm settings, and more.

This software helps protect your data, computer system, components, and peripherals. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2008.

Available for download. See the Downloads tab.

Product Features
  • User-Friendly Interface
    Displays information in well-designed, easily navigable menus and windows
  • Auto Shutdown
    Automatically initiates a shutdown of the computer; prevents data loss due to power failure
  • Self-Testing Options
    Performs a battery test on the UPS
  • Downloadable Software
    Provides fast and simple installation
  • Alert Notification
    Shows details about Current Status, Summary, Notification, Runtime, Voltage, and Self-Test; can display System Tray Pop-Up Notifications
Compatible Products

PowerPanel Personal Edition 1.0

65.1 KB

PowerPanel Personal Edition 1.0

1.61 MB

PowerPanel Personal Edition 1.0

741 KB

PowerPanel Personal Edition 1.6.2

7.49 MB

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