Improving Energy Efficiency with ENERGY STAR

September 1, 2015 by CyberPower

Every CyberPower UPS Battery Backup that is ENERGY STAR qualified will be identified in the product description and specifications and will display the ENERGY STAR logo.

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Now in its twenty-third year, ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that promotes energy efficiency as a way for businesses and individuals to save money while protecting the climate. Established in 1992 as an engineering research and technology program to reduce air pollution, ENERGY STAR focuses upon the implementation of energy-efficient products, technologies, services, and practices in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants.

CyberPower Systems, Inc. supports the ENERGY STAR program by contributing research and evaluation, along with developing industry-leading ENERGY STAR products. Approximately 16,000 partners from varied economic sectors participate in the program, which emphasizes testing, certification, third-party review, and compliance screening.

Program Certification

To receive ENERGY STAR certification, products, homes, and commercial facilities must meet requirements and testing managed by impartial third-party organizations in accordance with EPA standards.

For Products: Up-front testing, conducted by a neutral third party, occurs in EPA-approved laboratories. Every year, a percentage of ENERGY STAR products also undergo off-the-shelf verification.

For Homes: In order for a home to receive ENERGY STAR status, a recognized third-party organization must verify its energy efficiency, defined by a set of core energy specifications. Certification may occur either for a predefined package of home improvements or for a customized bundle of upgrades.

For Commercial Buildings: A Licensed Professional (professional engineer or registered architect) must verify a number of factors, including the accurate reporting of building characteristics and the fulfillment of defined indoor environment criteria. The building must also be fully functional by industry standards.

For Industrial Plants: A Professional Engineer must certify the plant’s 75 (or higher) energy performance score. The facility also has to satisfy EPA environmental compliance criteria.

Where can I learn more?

ENERGY STAR partners include manufacturers, trade associations, retailers, small businesses, home builders, and energy efficiency program providers. Learn more facts at about ENERGY STAR.