Close More FED/SLED Business

April 25, 2023 by CyberPower

The FED/SLED market space (federal, state and local education government agencies) is an abundant opportunity for channel partners and resellers. CyberPower and TD SYNNEX are trusted partners to help guide resellers into FED/SLED revenue streams. CyberPower has been providing the FED/SLED marketspace with best-in-class power solutions for more than two decades while TD SYNNEX has a broad reach within FED/SLED and has targeted communities and resources to support growth in this area.

The Channel Company, CyberPower and TD SYNNEX put on a short webinar so that resellers can learn how the FED/SLED market can offer profitable opportunities for business growth and how CyberPower and TD SYNNEX are the trusted advisors to guide you into this new sales venture.