PFC Sinewave Series UPS Systems: The most affordable, feature-rich Pure Sine Wave UPS

August 2, 2011 by CyberPower

PFC Sinewave Series UPS Systems are ideal for many types of computing equipment (servers, CPUs, etc) that utilize Active PFC power supplies and conventional power supplies. In addition to being ideal for most computing solutions, the PFC Sinewave Series provides pure sine wave protection and is recommended for computers, workstations, networking hardware, servers, peripherals, sensitive electronics and home theater equipment.

Protecting the equipment that uses an Active PFC power supply with a non-sine wave UPS can cause hard shutdown and catastrophic failure!

Why does this happen?

Over the last 15 years, power supply unit (PSU) manufacturers have transitioned to focusing on efficiency issues by increasing Power Factor in addition to reliability, quality and capacity. Problems can occur when using Simulated sine wave UPS systems with more sensitive devices and electronic equipment. When on battery power, higher end workstations and computer systems that incorporate Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) power supplies may unexpectedly shut down or crash entirely when used with a simulated sine wave UPS.

Critical factor: Simulated sine wave output waveform produces a zero output state during the phase change cycle resulting in a power “gap”. This gap may cause power interruption for equipment with Active PFC power supplies when switching from AC power output to simulated sine wave output (battery mode).

Power protection for every need

PFC Sinewave Series UPS Systems from CyberPower ensures equipment utilizing Active PFC power supplies do not unexpectedly shutdown or experience harmful stress when switching from AC power to UPS battery power

With sine wave output, PFC Sinewave Series UPS Systems provide a continuous output during the phase change cycle and support equipment that utilizes Active PFC power supplies.

More Affordable

As the most affordable pure sine wave battery backup solution, PFC Series UPS Systems are flexible enough for any environment – home, office, and data center. Regardless of budget or application, PFC Series UPS Systems provide robust protection for electronic equipment and devices with Active PFC or conventional power supplies.

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