PowerPanel® Business v4.10.1 Update

May 2, 2024 by CyberPower


CyberPower Systems has released an update to PowerPanel® Business to address a vulnerability identified by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure agency (CISA). Please read on for details and a quick link to download the update.

CyberPower Systems works to ensure the security of our software is at the highest level. To accomplish this, third-party scanning tools are used to search for vulnerabilities and make updates as necessary to maintain secure applications.

In addition to the tools CyberPower uses, third-party companies that research software are also utilized to locate vulnerabilities. If these companies report a possible vulnerability, CyberPower acts quickly to assess the risk and resolve the issue.

CISA recently notified CyberPower of a vulnerability with version 4.09.0. By working closely with CISA, CyberPower has updated the software to resolve the threat and confirmed, with CISA, the update resolves the issue.

CISA has released an advisory notice stating what the issue was, the updates completed by CyberPower, verification of the update, and a link to get to the new version of PowerPanel Business v4.10.1. CISA release:


CyberPower recommends you update your software to ensure the highest level of security.


Note: previous release of PowerPanel® Business was v4.10.0

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Details and download links for specific operating systems available here: