PowerPanel® Business 4.1.1 Released

August 15, 2019 by CyberPower

PowerPanel® Business v4.1.1 Release Notes

New & Improved Features

  • Support German
  • Support 3-phase PDU
  • Support PDU Daisy Chain
  • Add event: Battery Capacity is Critically Low
  • Minor enhancements

Previous Release Notes for v4.0

PowerPanel® Business 4.0 software makes it easy to monitor and manage CyberPower UPS systems and network-connected PDUs anytime from anywhere. The intuitive interface uses color graphics and indicators to provide at-a-glance UPS status, network power conditions, and instant problem recognition. Unattended shutdowns can be scheduled and automated. Event logs provide key insights for trouble-shooting and prevention of potential power issues. Alert notifications can be sent via email, SMS text, and instant message.

Interface Improvements

  • UPS status panel stays in view during operation of the software making it easy to reference and identify the battery backup unit and its vitals.
  • At-a-glance dashboard presents visual cues for immediate status and troubleshooting.
  • Intuitive organization of the interface makes UPS configuration, automatic shut downs, and event notifications straightforward to manage. Reorganized menus provide logical steps for setup and operation. Tables and color-coded graphics promote intuitive navigation.

The three versions of the software have been renamed to: Local (previous Agent), Remote (previous Client), and Management (previous Center).

Note: Previous release of PowerPanel® Business v4.1 was PowerPanel® Business v4.0.

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Details and download links for specific operating systems available here: https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/products/software/power-panel-business/