Daylight Savings Time: Check Your Batteries

March 9, 2018 by CyberPower

Most of the United States will observe daylight savings time and “spring ahead” an hour on Sunday, March 11, at 2:00 a.m. As we change the clocks forward, firefighters across the country encourage residents to check the batteries in their smoke alarms. CyberPower wants you to take that adage one step further and check on the batteries in your UPS the same day you check on your fire alarm.

How old are my UPS batteries?
UPS batteries are manufactured to recharge using utility power. During a power event, the UPS triggers its battery backup to keep connected electronics powered and safe. When the power incident is over and the UPS switches back to utility power, the batteries begin to recharge.

Over time, even rechargeable batteries need to be changed. Under ideal conditions, a UPS battery will last about 3 years. UPS batteries typically last longer when complete discharges of the battery are avoided.

On March 11, research when you purchased your UPS. If the purchase date is 3 years or older, it is time to consider changing your batteries.

What replacement battery do I need for my UPS?
Using CyberPower’s UPS Battery Tool, you can learn what type of CyberPower batteries you will need to purchase for your UPS system.

Why should I purchase CyberPower batteries?

  • CyberPower provides an 18-month warranty for our replacement batteries.
  • Our batteries arrive preassembled and can be easily slipped into the UPS unit.
  • All of our batteries come with a comprehensive instruction guide to walk you through the entire process of changing the battery.
  • Replacing your CyberPower UPS battery in your CyberPower UPS will keep your original UPS warranty valid. Use our Warranty Lookup Tool to learn more about your UPS warranty. Once you receive your batteries, or any other CyberPower product, make sure you register your warranties

What do I do with the old battery?
No matter what type of battery you have, you need to recycle to keep potentially harmful materials out of the environment. Components will be used in future batteries. Our battery cartridges ship with reusable packaging, which can be used to deliver expired batteries to a recycling center that accepts the types of batteries found in your UPS.

Let this year’s transition into daylight savings time be the best one you have had by checking both your smoke detector batteries and the ones in your UPS systems. This year, you can feel safe going into summer knowing your electronic equipment will be appropriately powered and protected.


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