Productivity at the Point of Sale: Every Minute Counts

August 1, 2016 by CyberPower

Every minute counts in today’s retail environment. Devices at the point of sale–such as scanners, scales, registers, printers, and credit card terminals-all rely on consistent power. Even the latest equipment can be stopped in an instant by a power failure. That’s where an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system can make all the difference.

Research from The Standish Group shows that each minute a point-of-sale system is down, it costs a retailer $4,700. This past January, the market research firm E Source confirmed that finding when it reported that power outages cost U.S. businesses more than $27 billion last year. To keep registers ringing and protect financial transactions, retailers must ensure they have the right power protection and battery backup in place.

According to, customers become impatient when the line doesn’t move for two or three minutes, and one-third of retail shoppers abandon their carts after five minutes. The store loses a sale, and the brand loses face. By eliminating delays caused by power failure, retailers can reduce the risk of damage to their profits and reputation.

When you consider of all the factors (Wall Street Journal) that cause shopper aggravation for customers, power interruptions don’t have to be one. A battery backup for POS equipment helps ensure vital equipment stays fully operational with clean, consistent power. It allows retailers to keep employee productivity high, customers satisfied, and data secure.

At CyberPower we’ve recently launched the RT650 UPS system specifically designed for retail applications. Where space is limited, such as register counters, point of sale terminals, service desks, kiosks, ATMs, and gaming environments, its compact size, industry-leading power protection specifications, and 5-year warranty helps keep customers satisfied.

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