UPS Systems and User-Replaceable Batteries

A replacement battery cartridge restores life to a CyberPower UPS system that has internal batteries which have become weak or completely depleted. These replacement batteries are certified to meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Replacement cartridges contain leak-proof, sealed lead-acid batteries preassembled for easy installation. Each cartridge ships with reusable packaging which can be used to deliver expired batteries to a recycling center. All CyberPower batteries come with an 18-month warranty.


  • OEM certified replacement battery / batteries
  • Leak-proof, sealed lead-acid battery / batteries
  • Replacement instructions
  • Recycling information
  • Reusable packaging
  • 18-month warranty

NOTE: To find the model number of a replacement battery cartridge for a CyberPower UPS, see the Specifications section in the UPS User Manual or click the Specifications tab of the Web page for the UPS.