CyberPower Releases Convenient Full-Featured Series of DC-to-AC Power Inverters

May 13, 2008 by CyberPower

As consumers increasingly expect to use their latest AC-powered electronic devices “on-the-go” they also need DC-to-AC power inverters that can power those devices. The recently released CyberPower CPS200AI, CPS400AI, CPS750AI, and CPS1000AI power inverter models are all designed to provide the consumer’s most popular features for on-the-go power. In part, those features include: an On-board USB device charger, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) shock protection, all outlets are surge protected, and Power Status LED Indicators.

Depending on the model design the units convert 12v DC automobile power to standard 120v AC home power up to a maximum of 200, 400, 750, or 1000 watts. The CPS400AI, CPS750AI, and CPS1000AI power inverter models all feature two 120v AC outlets for running multiple devices at the same time, including: laptops, and computing peripherals. The higher wattage units, the CPS750AI and CPS1000AI, can provide power conversion for larger devices, such as: small power tools, camping equipment, tire pumps, razors, coffee makers, non-vital medical equipment, signal lights, coolers/heaters, fans, and more. Additionally, all the models feature a convenient USB port for charging cell phones, MP3 players, and digital cameras.

The CyberPower AI Power Inverters also have full-time surge protection, which guards against power fluctuations caused by vehicle startup and shutdown. In order to protect battery life the models feature Automatic Shutdown to keep the battery from draining. Also, users can monitor the status of the inverter power conditions with the LED indicator lights and buzzer alarm. All the models have an ergonomic design to match today’s stylish consumer electronic product design, and feature a small foot print for convenient storage and use.

CyberPower offers an unconditional 2-year warranty with these products and has a professional free-of-charge technical support team that will assist consumers with product, installation, or warranty questions.