Press Release – IT Customers Increasingly Seek Environmentally-Friendly UPS, Find CyberPower

March 18, 2008 by CyberPower

According to a recent IDC survey, Green IT is a growing, global market reality, with customers seeking out IT suppliers whose offerings are more energy-efficient, conserve more material, less hazardous, designed for greater recyclability, and supported by end-of-life recycling programs.

CyberPower has taken a comprehensive approach to creating Green IT business practices in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry. “We’re always looking for new and better ways to put leading Green IT practices in place,” said Brent Lovett, VP of Operations.

With that in mind, CyberPower products are compliant with important environmentally-friendly guidelines, including the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), enacted by the European Union. To achieve this, CyberPower has instituted a comprehensive lead-free solder reliability process and has worked with its base of vendors to obtain only RoHS-compliant components.

A Comprehensive Approach to Environmental Practices

In addition to RoHS-compliance, CyberPower is pioneering the development of energy-saving technologies designed to significantly decrease the energy used by UPS systems. Beyond its products, CyberPower has ensured that its product boxes, packing material, plastic box handles, inks and all other materials used to process and ship products that are environmentally-friendly.

According to the IDC’s Green IT Survey:

  • Over 50% of customers consider IT vendors’ “greenness” when selecting a supplier.
  • One-third of customers already consider it “important” to “very important” that IT suppliers have green offerings.
  • Almost 80% of executives say that Green IT is growing in importance for their organization.
  • The #1 driver for Green IT adoption is economic – to reduce operational costs.

“CyberPower is well suited for providing Green IT leadership in the UPS industry,” said Mr. Lovett. “Because our teams of engineers are all in-house we’re able to implement these earth-friendly manufacturing processes an engineer these energy-saving technologies from conception to completion. We are committed to delivering the leading Green IT technologies in the UPS industry.”

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