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  • Feature Lights: Multi-color Glow Lighting
  • Outlets: 4 AC Outlets
  • Surge Protection: 400 Joules
  • USB-A: 4.2A USB-A Charging Ports (4)
  • USB-C: 45W USB-C Charging Port (1)
  • Cord Length: 6 ft
  • Warranty: One-year Warranty

Product Overview

The CyberPower Charge & Glow USB & AC Power Station PS406UC satisfies your need for power, style, and versatility – all in one unit. It keeps a variety of lighted color options and power solutions within reach. The Charge & Glow features 4 AC power outlets, 4 USB-A charging ports, and 1 high-wattage USB-C charging port for large and small devices. Perfect for desk tops or table tops, any high-traffic area of the family home, the PS406UC meets the diverse power needs of today’s family. The multi-color modern glow top of the unit can switch on and off and change color to fit décor.

Four outlets provide ample room for transformer-sized plugs. Two outlets on each side keep cords organized while providing 400 Joules of surge protection. The stylish, braided cord stores easily when not in use. The low-profile, right-angle plug fits in tight places.

One-year limited warranty included with CyberPower’s high standards of design.

Product Features
  • Multi-color LED Glow Light
    Switch on the light color you choose to set the mood or match the look of any room.
  • Versatile
    Easy to mount or place it on a desk/tabletop. The side-facing outlets help manage power cords.
  • USB-C Charging Port
    The USB-C port has more power for ultra-fast charging of small devices and charge larger devices like laptops. Plus it’s symmetrical, so cords can be inserted either way.
  • 4 USB-A Charging Ports
    Charge and power USB devices such as tablets (including iPad), smartphones, MP3 players, and other mobile accessories.
  • Surge Protection
    Diverts excess voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment during an AC power surge or power spike to prevent damage.
  • Flexible Power Cord
    Abrasion and kink-resistant braided power cord fits any style and any space.
  • Connected Equipment Guarantee
    CyberPower will repair or replace properly connected equipment if it is damaged by a power surge.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions. See warranty for details.
  • ISO & Safety Certifications
    All CyberPower’s manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 Quality Tested. CyberPower’s products are also UL and cUL Listed.
Compatible Products
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Circuit Breaker None
Cord Length 6 ft (1.8 m)
Input Plug Type NEMA 5-15R
Input Voltage 125 VAC
Maximum Input Current 15A
Plug Style Right Angle – 45° Offset
Outlet Type 4 – NEMA 5-15R
Outlets – Total 4
USB Charge Port Yes
USB Charge Port Amperage 4.2 Amps (Shared)
USB Charge Port Quantity 5
USB Charge Port Standard Type A
Type C
USB Charge Port Type 4 Type A
1 Type C
USB Charge Port Voltage 5 VDC
USB Charge Port Watts 45 Watts
Surge Protection & Filtering
Clamping Voltage 800V (H-N)
EMI/RFI Filtration No
Maximum Surge Current 15000 A
Maximum Surge Current H-G N/A
Maximum Surge Current H-N 15000 A
Maximum Surge Current N-G N/A
Maximum Surge Voltage 6000 V
Response Time <1 Nanosecond
Surge Suppression (Joules) 500 J
Color White
Form Factors Supported Horizontal Mount in Variety of Other Applications
Material of Construction Plastic
Physical Dimensions – (WxHxD) (cm) 10.19 x 9.7 x 10.19 (cm)
Physical Dimensions – (WxHxD) (in) 4.01 x 3.82 x 4.01 (in)
Physical Dimensions – (WxHxD) (mm) 102 x 97 x 102 (mm)
Physical Weight (kg) 0.56
Physical Weight (lb) 1.23
Dimensions – Shipping
Shipping – Weight (kg) 5.78
Shipping – Weight (lb) 12.75
Shipping Dimensions – (WxHxD) (cm) 10.8 x 17.15 x 14.61 (cm)
Shipping Dimensions – (WxHxD) (in) 4.25 x 6.75 x 5.75 (in)
Shipping Dimensions – (WxHxD) (mm) 107.95 x 171.45 x 146.05 (mm)
Environmental RoHS Compliant
Safety UL62328
CEG Amount $15000
Connected Equipment Guarantee Lifetime
Product Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
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 Model AmpsJoulesCord LengthOutletsUSBData Protection MSRP
 GC108CEZ 15A500 J8 ft (2.4 m)1 - NEMA 5-15R4 Amps (Shared)None $29.99
 P2WUC3 15A500 J2 - NEMA 5-15R6 Amps (Shared)None $29.99
 P304UC3 15A500 J4 ft (1.2 m)3 - NEMA 5-15R6 Amps (Shared)None $29.99
 P704URC1 15 A2000 J4 ft (1.2 m)7 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $29.99
 P504UC $29.95
 P405UC 15 A1500 J5 ft (1.5 m)4 - NEMA 5-15R3.6 Amps (Shared)None $29.95
 P3WSUC 0 A1500 JWalltap3 - NEMA 5-15R3.6 Amps (Shared)None $29.99
 PS406UC 0 A500 J6 ft (1.8 m)4 - NEMA 5-15R4.2 Amps (Shared)None $49.95
 GP400U4AWH 0 A500 JWalltap4 - NEMA 5-15R4.2 Amps (Shared)None $26.95
 P600WSURC1 0 A1200 JWalltap6 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $24.95
 P6WSUC 0 A2000 JWalltap6 - NEMA 5-15R3.6 Amps (Shared)None $34.95
 P806U $34.95
 P205UC 15A500 J5 ft (1.5 m)2 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)RJ45 Network $29.95
 P604URC1 15 A500 J4 ft (1.2 m)6 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $24.95
 P205UCPDQW 0 A1500 J5 ft (1.5 m)2 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $59.95
 P403URC1 15 A500 J3 ft (0.9 m)4 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $21.95
 P4WSU 0 A900 JWalltap4 - NEMA 5-15R4.2 Amps (Shared)None $26.95
 P205UCPDQB 0 A1500 J5 ft (1.5 m)2 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $59.95
 P300WURC2 0 A600 JWalltap3 - NEMA 5-15RNoneNone $19.95
 HT200W 0 A1500 JWalltap2 - NEMA 5-15RNoneNone $12.95
 P704T $24.99
 P403UGS 15 A450 J3 ft (0.9 m)4 - NEMA 5-15R2.1 Amps (Shared)None $22.95
 P1008T 15 A2850 J8 ft10 x NEMA 5-15RNoneRJ11 Phone $35.95
 P606URC2 15A500 J6 ft (1.8 m)6 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $24.95
 P406U 15A500 J6 ft (1.8 m)4 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $24.95
 P806UC 15 A2700 J6 ft (1.8 m)8 - NEMA 5-15R2.4 Amps (Shared)None $39.99