A Winning Startup Strategy: Power Protection for PC Gamers

August 9, 2021 by CyberPower

A Winning Backup Strategy: Power Protection for PC Gamers
As a PC gamer, you’re only as good as your gaming rig. You’ve spent years perfecting your optimal builds – a setup with all the bells and whistles, multiple monitors, backlit keyboard, and top-of-the-line headset -¬ all to maximize your game.

Imagine you’re in the heat of battle, constantly checking in with your squad over discord as you coordinate your strategy. Clicks of your mechanical gaming keyboard punctuate the air as blinking LED lights and muffled game noises coming from your headset mix with the sound fans in your computer case make as they whir happily. Then, it all goes dark. Your campaign is lost. But just as quickly as the lights went out, they come back on. Fortunately, your machine appears to be unharmed, but the epic loot you played for hours to accrue must be earned again.

Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself from that scenario and more if you have backup power from an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. Uninterrupted power is a critical component of game performance which is often overlooked. Whether you are a serious gamer or playing games on your computer casually, protecting your data, valuable gaming PC and peripherals from power events with an UPS system is a worthwhile investment.

Winning Keeps Getting Tougher

PC gaming has evolved into a nearly $30 billion industry. With over 500 million players globally, competitive gaming is big business and a bona fide spectator sport. There are hundreds of professional eSports teams who earn millions of dollars by competing in gaming tournaments.

And just as the industry has grown, so has the level of competition. Winning consistently means you need to be at the top of your game every day. Elite gamers invest thousands of dollars into the best PC gaming setups to maximize their performance. Collegiate and professional gaming teams can spend $50,000 or more on gaming equipment. Power protection is a critical component of a substantial gaming setup.

Power Suppression, Surges & Spikes
Losing power isn’t the only threat to gaming equipment. Spikes, surges, and other power events have the potential to damage devices and performance. To learn more about common power events and how power protection can safeguard you from them, click HERE

Some common power threats and their potential outage or impact durations:

Power Surge or Spike:
A brief but intense spike in electricity, causing a short-term outage for a matter of minutes. A UPS system helps to regulate the incoming voltage, protecting your equipment from damage.

Intentional Undervoltage:
A planned reduction in voltage for an extended period. Your UPS system can provide a bridge of power for your gaming sessions during these periods of limited power availability.

Power Outage:
An unplanned power outage is often due to severe weather and can last from a few hours to a few days or more. A UPS systems allows you to stay powered so you can safely shutdown your system.

Power Your Wins with Battery Backup

A UPS system is a worthwhile investment in your gaming setup. The image below illustrates the value of a typical PC gaming rig. A UPS systems acts like an insurance policy against damage caused by power surges, and costs just a fraction of your total investment. Protect your performance and valuable gaming PC devices from power threats with a UPS system.

So, you get why UPS systems are the ultimate insurance policies for your expensive gaming computers and your session progress. But which one is best for you? Here are some factors to consider when choosing a UPS system for gaming.

1. Catch the Sine Wave
Utility power delivers a smooth or true sine wave. Some UPS batteries create a simulated sine wave which work just fine for peripherals, small devices, and monitors. But more sensitive electronics, including Energy Star® or 80 PLUS® efficient systems using Active PFC power supplies, may detect the power gap created by a simulated sine wave and shut down unexpectedly. A UPS system with sine wave output is designed to give you the most seamless, pure power output to ensure a power event never interrupts your gaming campaign.

2. Size Matters
support your load – all the equipment plugged into it, in terms of number of plugs, ports, and the wattage capacity. To calculate the load, make a list of all your equipment, including the total maximum watts, or power draw, each piece requires to run.

Example Equipment List:

The load wattage should not exceed 80% of the capacity of the UPS system. So, you need to multiply the total load by 125% to calculate the minimum capacity needed for the UPS system. In this scenario, the minimum UPS wattage is 1000 watts.

3. Do Your Research
In a world where product reviews are readily accessible, finding the highest rated gaming devices on the market is easier than ever. At CyberPower we believe we have the best UPS system for gaming. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the latest reviews from PC gaming experts:

At CyberPower, we play to win – just like you. Safeguard your gaming devices and irreplaceable data with a UPS system. CyberPower is your ultimate ally in power. Game on.

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