Four Reasons to Protect your Internet Connections

We focus upon the digital experience many times during our daily lives. How quickly and efficiently we are able to gather and share information is partially determined by internet connectivity for the numerous devices we use, such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, and entertainment electronics. A problem in connectivity often results in troublesome productivity. Battery backup systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ensure internet connectivity even during power disruptions.

Why should you protect internet connections?
Here are four reasons to protect your internet connections.

1. Modems and routers require power protection
Although we often use wireless network connections for our mobile devices and other equipment, the modems and routers that power our home/office networks require electricity to operate.

2. Multiple devices offer internet connectivity
In today’s ultra-connected world, many electronics feature internet connectivity. Maintaining connectivity benefits more than your smart phone.

3. People share internet connectivity
In many settings, multiple people share internet connectivity to fulfill a variety of needs: professional/scholastic, entertainment, social media, and other types of communication. In offices, schools, and other environments, you and other people simultaneously depend upon reliable internet connectivity.

4. Downtime costs money
Problems with internet connectivity may result in business and personal expenses for losses in time and data, communication disruptions, and repair costs.

Where can you learn more?
Learn more about which CyberPower UPS Systems protect your network. PC Magazine shares these 12 troubleshooting tips for internet connectivity. The University of Illinois at Chicago offers information about how to secure your internet connection.