PowerPanel® Business 4.8.1 Released

March 16, 2022 by CyberPower

CyberPower has released an update to PowerPanel Business. Please read on for feature improvement details and a quick link to download the update.

PowerPanel® Business v4.8.1 Release Notes


Feature Improvements

  • Improved security. PowerPanel Business 4.8.1 will no longer use the Log4j logging utility.


  • Local, Remote, and Management
    • Resolves a verification issue with SMTP servers and selection TLS and Auto in Connection
    • Fixes an issue experienced when setting high/low utility voltage


Note: previous release of PowerPanel® Business was v4.8.0


  • Updating the software may cause the of loss all the notifications/shutdown/sensitivity settings.
  • Save your settings by taking pictures or screenshots of your configuration and settings.
  • We recommend uninstalling the previous version of the software before you install the next version.

Contact Tech Support Monday through Friday from 7am– 6pm CST.

Details and download links for specific operating systems available here: https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/products/software/power-panel-business/

Install Details

  • PowerPanel Business Local/ Remote for Windows
    • File Name: PPB_Windows_v4.8.1.exe
    • MD5: B00B8AA05AF8EF52A50A3C66B6B522B0
  • PowerPanel Business Management for Windows
    • File Name: PPB_Mgt_Windows_v4.8.1.exe
    • MD5: 69C5CDF47948937F564D15E9748B91A9
  • PowerPanel Business Local for Virtual Machine
    • File Name: PPB_Local_Virtual_Machine_v4.8.1.zip
    • MD5: 9146E3ADDBAAE066859D9085E931DA14
  • PowerPanel Business Remote for Virtual Machine
    • File Name: PPB_Remote_Virtual_Machine_v4.8.1.zip
    • MD5: 628E22E067590A727F2733841ECBA89D
  • PowerPanel Business Local/ Remote for Mac
    • File Name: PPB_Mac_v4.8.1.dmg
    • MD5: 4BFF01D5BE5BCCA81BDDC7343F32DE1D
  • PowerPanel Business Management for Mac
    • File Name: PPB_Mgt_Mac_v4.8.1.dmg
    • MD5: 8CE33CE21A6B4FA4DC792FC30175ECC4
  • PowerPanel Business Local/ Remote for Linux 32bit
    • File Name: PPB_Linux_32bit_v4.8.1.sh
    • MD5: CC54101CD274E8765889A1FA34068B5F
  • PowerPanel Business Local/ Remote for Linux 64bit
    • File Name: PPB_Linux_64bit_v4.8.1.sh
    • MD5: 35E679BDC9751C8E829AAD1C7FADD146
  • PowerPanel Business Management for Linux 32bit
    • File Name: PPB_Mgt_Linux_32bit_v4.8.1.sh
    • MD5: 0698BF1AA5F4C605C62F92A5D376DEF6
  • PowerPanel Business Management for Linux 64bit
    • File Name: PPB_Mgt_Linux_64bit_v4.8.1.sh
    • MD5: F29FEA0F78A5C62905896F0BE23D578C