How do I set a static IP address for my PDU?

Install and run the power device network utility software. Once open, click on the underlined IP address to login. Once logged in, click on the System tab and select Network Service. On the next screen double click your PDU’s MAC address. This will direct you to the Device Setup screen so you can set a […]

How do I determine the IP address of my switched metered-by-outlet PDU?

For PDUs with a display screen: Press and hold the select button for a few seconds. Once “IP” appears on the display screen, release the button. Your unit will then display the IP address in a sequence of four groups. For example, the IP address would begin by showing 192, then 168, the 20 […]

What readings does the switched metered-by-outlet PDU provide?

CyberPower switched metered-by-outlet PDUs provide device-level and circuit-level monitoring of input power (V), input frequency (Hz), load (A, kW, kVA), peak load (A) and energy usage (kWh); and outlet-level monitoring of load (A, kW), peak load (kW) and energy usage (kWh).

What is the benefit of monitoring at the outlet level?

Outlet-level monitoring provides IT professionals and data center managers with the data necessary to pinpoint inefficiencies and system-critical failures. This information can be used to make more precise decisions about load balancing as well as sizing IT environments to reduce the cost of ownership. Outlet-level monitoring can also be used to track power usage on […]