What is the difference between the Battery/Surge outlets and the Surge outlets?

Many CyberPower UPS units have two sets of outlets. One set is labeled “Battery/Surge” and one set is labeled “Surge”. The outlets labeled “Battery/Surge” are the outlets that will receive battery power during a power failure. You should plug your computer and monitor into these outlets and any externally powered critical data storage device.

How do I dispose of my UPS?

CyberPower Systems encourages environmentally sound methods for disposal and recycling of its UPS products. Please dispose of and/or recycle your UPS and batteries in accordance to the local regulations of your state.

My unit is beeping twice every 15-45 seconds. What is happening?

This usually indicates that the unit is running on battery power. First, ensure that the unit is plugged correctly into the wall outlet. Second, check to see if the wall outlet is functioning properly by unplugging the CyberPower unit and plugging in a different device. If the other device is not working, there is a problem with the outlet and you should contact an electrician for repair. If the other device is working properly, try the CyberPower unit in a different outlet in the house and see if it yields the same results. If the unit is still producing the dual beeping noise, contact technical support for assistance.

Why is the wiring fault light illuminated on my UPS unit?

The wiring fault light indicates that the outlet that the unit is connected to is either not properly grounded or has reversed wiring. First, try connecting the unit to another outlet. If the unit still displays the electrical wiring fault, contact technical support for assistance.