Critical Load and Non-Critical Load Outlets

“Critical Load” (CL) tends to refer to desktop computers or servers which require safe shutdown during the event of power failure. “Non-Critical Load” outlets refers to redundant equipment such as monitors or other peripherals and should be connected to the NCL outlets to be powered off early in order to save additional battery runtime for […]

My unit emits a long solid beep. What should I do?

A long, solid tone indicates that you have overloaded your unit. First, move any low priority electronics (speakers, printers, scanners, etc.) to the Surge-Only outlets and see if that resolves the issue. If you are still overloading the unit, you will either need to remove some of the electronics from the Battery/Surge outlets, or purchase a new unit with a VA/Watt rating suitable for your current demands.

My unit is beeping twice every 15-45 seconds. What is happening?

This usually indicates that the unit is running on battery power. First, ensure that the unit is plugged correctly into the wall outlet. Second, check to see if the wall outlet is functioning properly by unplugging the CyberPower unit and plugging in a different device. If the other device is not working, there is a problem with the outlet and you should contact an electrician for repair. If the other device is working properly, try the CyberPower unit in a different outlet in the house and see if it yields the same results. If the unit is still producing the dual beeping noise, contact technical support for assistance.

Can I use my UPS in conjunction with a generator?

CyberPower Smart App Online Series UPS systems include a Generator Mode setting specifically designed to work with generators. With varying loads, the frequency output from generators can be erratic. This erratic output can make it difficult for a UPS without a Generator Mode setting to recognize the input power, causing the UPS to function on battery power only. With Generator Mode, the UPS can automatically adjust to frequency fluctuations and maintain a full charge of the batteries.

Should the cooling fan on my CyberPower UPS be running at all times?

The internal cooling fan will only run when it is required. CyberPower UPS systems utilize an internal thermometer which activates the fan when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. When the UPS is running idle (not using battery power), it is completely normal for the fan to not be running. The exception is with Online units, models that begin with “OL”. Their cooling fans will run ALL the time.

How do I dispose of my UPS?

CyberPower Systems encourages environmentally sound methods for disposal and recycling of its UPS products. Please dispose of and/or recycle your UPS and batteries in accordance to the local regulations of your state.

How do I run a self-test?

To run a self-test, open the Power Panel software and then click “Initiate Self Test”. Another way to perform a self-test is by turning off the circuit breaker for the circuit the UPS is plugged into or unplugging the unit from the wall.