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Surge - Frequently Asked Questions
Can I clean a Medical Grade Surge Protector or Medical Grade Power Strip?

CyberPower Medical Grade Power Protection Products have been designed to tolerate repeated cleaning in healthcare environments. The CyberPower Medical Grade Surge Protecetor and Medical Grade Power Strip are safe to clean with products containing the chemicals listed below in the concentration specified or less: APPROVED CLEANING CHEMICALS: Ethyl Alcohol 75% Isopropyl Alcohol / Isopropanol 75% Read More ›

What does shared amperages mean?

Shared amperage means multiple ports share the amperage available. Example: If multiple devices are charging at once, each device shares the charging power and can get up to 2.1 amps of the available power depending on the amount amperage available and number of devices that can be connected.

How does the night light work?

There is a photosensor that will turn on the night light once the room reaches a certain level of darkness. It will turn off once the light in the room comes back.

What is Safe-Fail?

This feature cuts power to connected equipment when the surge protector can no longer provide protection – keeping your electronics safe.

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