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Why is my AI series power inverter not working?

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Problem 1

No AC output – Yellow & Green LED lit

  • DC input is below 10.8 Vdc
    • Recharge or replace your vehicle’s battery

Problem 2

No AC output – Red & Green LED lit

  • Short circuit
    • Disconnect power inverter from the load
  • Overload
    • Reduce the load on the power inverter
  • Power Inverter hot
    • Disconnect the load and operate the power inverter for a few minutes

Problem 3

No AC output – Green LED not lit

  • Bad connection or wiring
    • Tighten all the DC connections

Problem 4

Buzzer Alarm

  • Low battery or high battery voltage
    • Recharge the battery or check your vehicle’s battery voltage

Problem 5

Motorized power tool will not operate

  • Excessive startup load. If the startup load exceeds the inverter peak load capability it will not work.
    • Disconnect the load until the power inverter operates normally and connect the load again


The AI series includes the CPS200AI, CPS400AI, and the CPS750AI

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