Stay Connected and Protected: Our Top Tips for Power Season

2 min read

While your personal safety is of the utmost importance during dangerous weather, don’t forget about protecting your data and devices. Outages and power surges can wreak havoc on your electronics, jeopardizing important data and leaving you disconnected during a critical time.

You can’t prevent storms, but you can prepare for them.

5 min read

Summer storms cause millions of lightning strikes that can hit your home or business and cause electrical surges. These power surges can damage your valuable electronics. But you can be prepared for them with surge protection.

Benefits Of Lithium Powered UPS

3 min read

Up to three times the lifespan of conventional battery backups High-powered businesses demand low-maintenance protection IT managers know today’s mission critical business and IT environments demand longer-lasting power protection with less maintenance. They want backup batteries that are lighter weight, offer longer runtimes, faster recharges, and require less maintenance than conventional UPS systems. Lithium-powered UPS Read More ›

Energy-Saving Features of Eco-friendly Surge Protectors and Power Strips

5 min read

Did you know that when you use energy-efficient power strips and surge protectors, you can save money and help the environment? Eco-friendly, surge-supressing power strips and surge protectors offer energy-saving features that not only extend the life of your connected electronic devices, but they can also help extend your budget. How eco-friendly surge protectors safeguard Read More ›

ECO features of UPS Systems

5 min read

Energy-Saving Features of Eco-friendly UPS Systems Many UPS systems offer energy-saving features that not only extend the life of your battery backup but also the equipment connected to it. And when you use less energy, you’re not only save money, but also helping conserve natural resources. So, it’s important to understand the energy-saving features of Read More ›

Benefits of High-Density Power Protection

4 min read

Get more power in less rack space. IT managers understand the importance of power protection and how today’s IT environments demand greater flexibility and efficiency. The challenge is to provide more power and functionality in less space. One answer is high-density uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Is high-density power protection right for you? We’ll explain Read More ›

The Pros of a Power Management Schedule

6 min read

Program Protection & Performance into your UPS With today’s technology, you can easily schedule daily tasks like remotely turning lights on and off, running reports, starting the coffeemaker, and even dispensing food for your pet. Many of your electronic devices feature the same kind of scheduling technology – including your UPS system. Why program your Read More ›

Monitor Your Power Protection for Peak Performance

5 min read

Prevent downtime by monitoring power all the time To ensure consistent power protection from your UPS system, you need to monitor your power regularly. As your UPS system protects your valuable equipment, you need to ensure its operating optimally. Why is it so important? The benefits of power monitoring: Prevents power loss that can cause Read More ›

What your beeping UPS is telling you

4 min read

Help! My UPS system is beeping. What should I do? Don’t ignore it. It could be your UPS battery, or it could be a power overload. Your UPS system is designed to alert you to different power status conditions. We’ll explain what each audible alert means and what to do. There are three primary reasons Read More ›

Three Ways to Maximize UPS System Performance

5 min read

So, you bought a UPS system to make sure your productivity is not interrupted by a power failure. Smart move. Now you need to make sure your UPS system is working as it should. Read on to learn three ways to maximize the performance of your UPS system. Be sure to register your UPS with Read More ›

Joules: The key to surge protection

5 min read

Every home and business experiences power surges and spikes. The U.S. is hit by over 20 million lighting strikes every year, but lightning isn’t the greatest threat. Most power surges are generated from power utility spikes and large electronics cycling on and off. In fact, these sudden power surges may occur a dozen times a Read More ›

Runtime Recommendations

4 min read

You rely on your UPS system for backup if your power goes out, right? But does your UPS have your back? That is, will it provide a bridge of power long enough for what you need? At the very least you will want to save your data and perform a safe shutdown. Your UPS backup Read More ›