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Interop ITX Conference

The Interop ITX Conference offers five days of world-class education, compelling speakers, and unlimited networking opportunities to help technology leaders keep up with the challenges and drive their businesses forward.

Join CyberPower May 15-19, 2017 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV at booth #232 as we help give attendees strategic insight, hands-on technical resources and an inside look at the emerging technologies and equipment affecting today’s IT organizations.

Learn more about Interop ITX 2017 and get a 15% discount on your registration.

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2017 ADTRAN Broadband and Business Solutions Summit

At the 2017 ADTRAN Broadband and Business Solutions Summit, service providers, utilities, municipalities, consulting and engineering firms seek the latest technology information for developing networks and services to meet market demands for today and the future. ADTRAN is an established supplier of advanced network infrastructure and converged communications solutions. Join CyberPower from April 10 – 12, 2017 at the 2017 ADTRAN Broadband and Business Solutions Summit event for educational opportunities, industry forums and how CyberPower can help service providers power and protect their broadband and communications networks.

Visit ADTRAN’s website for more information.

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CyberPower Introduces New Metered-by-Outlet Power Distribution Units

Advanced PDU models feature measurement and control of individual outlets to maximize utilization and device management. Designed for use in data center, co-location, and environments with accurate power monitoring requirements, these new models allow active metering of individual outlets. This Metered-By-Outlet (MBO) capability provides detailed information on power consumption.

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CyberPower Introduces New Metered-by-Outlet Power Distribution Units

Advanced PDU models feature measurement and control of individual outlets to maximize utilization and device management. Designed for use in data center, co-location, and environments with accurate power monitoring requirements, these new models allow active metering of individual outlets. This Metered-By-Outlet (MBO) capability provides detailed information on power consumption.

Read the whole press release.

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CyberPower Releases Updates to Business Class Power Management Software

CyberPower has updated its PowerPanel® Business Edition (PPBE) software to version 3.2. It provides advanced power management for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and network connected power distribution units (PDU). With this release, the new features make PowerPanel Business Edition even more helpful for power users. PPBE Agent now has SNMP support, allowing users to monitor USB or serial port connected UPS systems via SNMP, and to receive SNMP trap notifications. PPBE Client can now manage redundant power configurations, monitoring the status of separate CyberPower UPS systems simultaneously.

Read the full press release.

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CyberPower Earns Silver in the ChannelPro-SMB 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards

ChannelPro readers again honor CyberPower as a leader for power protection in the Best UPS and Power Conditioning Vendor category in the annual readers’ choice awards. The annual awards highlight the vendors, distributors, and professional organizations whose solutions, services or programs best fit the requirements of SMBs and the channel pros who serve them.

Read the full press release.

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CyberPower Launches Channel Partner Alliance

The Channel Partner Alliance program is designed to maximize partner profitability and create new sales opportunities for resellers to help power their businesses. The program offers exclusive partner discounts, one-hour response times to sales inquiries, training and an incentive program that rewards sales representatives for selling CyberPower.

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Computer Talk Radio with Benjamin Rockwell

Computer Talk Radio discusses power protection and CyberPower (At 57:30 of the show) with Marty Winston, tech trend watch and editor of Newstips Bulletin. Marty discusses the benefits of power protection and the brands to watch. Computer Talk Radio is a nationally syndicated broadcast radio program on computers, technology, and your life. Benjamin Rockwell, the show host and a computer nerd, leads the team as the expert guide through the technical jungle of jargon, and the valleys of viruses, to reach the pinnacle of power of your computer problems.

Listen to the show.

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Silver Bullets and Surge Protectors

Vampire Power

An Invisible Villain

If you’re like most people, you have an invisible villain hiding in your television set, slowly sucking away your electricity and your money. This silent monster is called standby power, also known as vampire power. But you can get rid of it.

Vampire Power

Television sets and electronic devices often include a standby power feature. They draw a small amount of electric current even when they are switched off, so that they can be fully powered up and ready to use sooner when you turn them on. That small amount adds up, especially when you have multiple devices.

Chargers can also be vampires. A small transformer that converts AC utility power to DC to recharge a mobile phone, tablet, media player, or other small device will keep drawing power even if the device is fully charged or no longer connected.

In fact, according to a 2015 study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council, idle load electricity accounts for nearly one-fourth of electric power consumption in the United States—enough to keep 50 major power plants running all year. That’s a considerable amount to pay just for electronics to start up a little faster.

Wooden Stakes and Garlic

To get rid of the power vampires in your house and office, you don’t need holy water or sunlight—just a few changes to your daily habits and maybe a few devices. Here are some proven tactics for reducing idle loads and unnecessary costs:

Measure your electric power consumption. You can find a smart meter at any home improvement store, and use it to find out how much electricity your devices really use. This will also help you decide where to concentrate your efforts.

Use a surge protector or power strip with energy saving technology. These let you turn off power to connected devices without having to unplug them. Some surge protectors have smart outlets that switch off power automatically when a “master” outlet is no longer in use.

Use a timer for devices you only use at certain hours. For example, if you only use your coffee maker in the morning, put it on a timer that switches it off for the rest of the time. Your computer operating system probably has energy saving settings built in, too.

Change the settings on your home entertainment devices. Your television, gaming console, digital video recorder, streaming device, or cable box may let you switch off its quick-start feature.

Unplug electronics that aren’t in use. If you’re not going to use a device for a while, pull the plug. This keeps it from drawing power while it’s not doing anything for you.

Save and shut down instead of using sleep mode. Computers and gaming consoles will generally let you pick up where you left off if you save your current status. You wouldn’t leave your car running for hours while you’re not using it; park it and switch it off.

Check ENERGY STAR ratings when you buy. Many electronic devices have an ENERGY STAR energy efficiency rating, showing how much electricity it consumes, and how that compares to similar products. The differences can be significant.

A New Dawn

Power utility companies understand the importance of energy conservation, and would rather help you reduce waste than build more power generation facilities. For that matter, some government agencies have proposed rules that limit how much electricity a device can draw while it’s in standby mode. But you bear the cost, so you have the most to gain. A few simple changes to your equipment and routine can make a big difference in how much you spend.

If you have more questions or a story to tell about vampire power, write to us at And please tell us whether you think this post is useful or entertaining. Thanks!

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Productivity at the Point of Sale: Every Minute Counts

Every minute counts in today’s retail environment. Devices at the point of sale–such as scanners, scales, registers, printers, and credit card terminals-all rely on consistent power. Even the latest equipment can be stopped in an instant by a power failure. That’s where an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system can make all the difference.

Research from The Standish Group shows that each minute a point-of-sale system is down, it costs a retailer $4,700. This past January, the market research firm E Source confirmed that finding when it reported that power outages cost U.S. businesses more than $27 billion last year. To keep registers ringing and protect financial transactions, retailers must ensure they have the right power protection and battery backup in place.

According to, customers become impatient when the line doesn’t move for two or three minutes, and one-third of retail shoppers abandon their carts after five minutes. The store loses a sale, and the brand loses face. By eliminating delays caused by power failure, retailers can reduce the risk of damage to their profits and reputation.

When you consider of all the factors (Wall Street Journal) that cause shopper aggravation for customers, power interruptions don’t have to be one. A battery backup for POS equipment helps ensure vital equipment stays fully operational with clean, consistent power. It allows retailers to keep employee productivity high, customers satisfied, and data secure.

At CyberPower we’ve recently launched the RT650 UPS system specifically designed for retail applications. Where space is limited, such as register counters, point of sale terminals, service desks, kiosks, ATMs, and gaming environments, its compact size, industry-leading power protection specifications, and 5-year warranty helps keep customers satisfied.

To learn more about UPS systems for retail applications on our website.