What is a button or keyhole mount?

Button or keyhole mounting is a toolless feature designed to speed up the installation process of vertically mounting power distribution units (PDU) and cable management ducts in a rack. The button mounts are installed on the back of equipment prior to installation, while the keyhole mounting points can be found alongside the rack. TECHNICAL SUPPORT More >

How big is a “U” when measuring rack size?

A rack unit, U or RU is a unit of measurement that describes the height of equipment designed to mount in a 19″ rack. Racks offer room for equipment that is 19″ wide, and have variable heights, which are expressed in rack units. One rack unit (1U) is 1.75″ (44.45 mm) of vertical space, or More >

Why is my power inverter not working?

Problem: No AC output power Possible Causes: 1. Poor contact with the DC power outlet. 2. The vehicle’s electrical system requires ignition to be on. 3. The vehicle’s DC power outlet fuse is blown. 4. Over-heating of the power inverter. 5. The vehicle’s battery voltage is below 11 volts. 6. The vehicle’s battery input voltage More >

What is a 19″ rack?

A 19″ rack is the standard EIA-310 server rack. The term comes from the width of the equipment in the rack. The only dimension on a 19″ rack that actually measures 19″ is the width of the front panel of the rack mount equipment. This means the distance between the mounting flanges of a rack More >

What is a cage nut?

Cage nuts are used almost exclusively in rack angles with square mounting holes. They consist of a square nut wrapped in a spring metal cage that is slightly larger than the nut. This spring steel has two flanges that when pinched together allow the component to fit into the square hole on 19″ racks.

What is the difference between 10-32, 12-24, and M6 rack screws?

Rack screws are used to attach equipment to the rack angles of a 19″ rack. There are several sizes available, but 10-32, 12-24 and M6 are the most common. Exact threads can vary by manufacturer. 10-32 Threads The number “10” is a size designator with no numerical meaning. The number “32” refers to 32 threads More >

How do I connect equipment to a Tamper Resistant (TR) Wall Tap?

Our surge protected wall taps have been designed with safety in mind. They include Tamper Resistant (TR) outlets with internal shutters that block foreign objects from entering the open spaces to prevent accidental electrical shock from occurring.  Here are some tips for connecting equipment: Download PDF Instructions  TECHNICAL SUPPORT Please contact our Tech Support department with installation, troubleshooting, More >